Even if it is determined that a 49-year-old is not the victim of a crime, continuing police investigations.

A 49-year-old man on Monday was found dead in his home in Nordborg on Als, has not been the victim of a crime.

According to the autopsy, there is nothing to suggest that there is a crime, writes the south and South – Jutland Police on Tuesday afternoon on Twitter.

the Police continue, however, the technical studies on the place of residence, it appears.

Monday at 17.36 the police received notification that the 49-year-old lay dead at his residence.

As always when people are found dead, and the cause of death not immediately clear, or there are other special circumstances, treated the police the death as suspicious.

It means that you treat the findestedet as a crime scene, so important clues are not lost or become corrupted, if it should prove that the dead are the victim of a crime.

But now an autopsy was therefore shown that there is a criminal act behind the 49-year-olds death.