the Patrol boat “P-834” black sea fleet will be equipped with the first all-female crew. Now the team members are training and will soon begin service. It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the BSF.

the Female crew has already completed three months of basic training at the joint training centre of the Navy in St. Petersburg. Now the lessons continue directly on the black sea fleet in the composition against underwater threats and sabotage detachment of marine special forces. The interactive simulator “Bridge” crew hones the management skills of the boat, studying its structure, operation of navigation devices. Cadets learn to fight for the survival of the ship, work out actions during a fire on Board. In depth study of the basic components and assemblies, the location of interior operations in various conditions of combat mission and navigation. Female crew trained experienced sailors as Tutors.

it is Known that during the great Patriotic war in the Navy in our country was intended 9803 women. 5330 still served in parts of coastal defense. 2909 women served in the air force. Women’s crews from the 46th guards Taman night bomber aviation regiment of the red banner, received the formidable nickname “night witches”, was well-deserved glory forever inscribed in the history of the victory over fascism.