Russian President Vladimir Putin said that unrest in the U.S. was the result of internal problems. According to him, in USA and party interests are put above the interests of society. Recall that the protests began due death of African American George Floyd after detention by police.

During an interview for the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” leading Paul Zarubin noted that in the United States are “unprecedented events” that may constitute “profound crisis” that “broke out”. The President noted that he “carefully” to comment or not to comment on events in other countries, including the United States.

“But you’re right. Of course, what happened is a manifestation of the some deep internal crises. In fact, we have long observed — since the coming to power of the incumbent President (Donald trump.—”B”), when he won, he won clearly, the democratic way, and the losing party has invented all sorts of stories just to question its legitimacy,” — said Mr. Putin (the clip was posted to Instagram host Paul Zarubin).

the President believes that pandemic coronavirus has highlighted some problems in the United States. According to him, Russia, despite certain problems and costs out of this situation, “confidently, with minimal losses”. In the US this is not happening, and it is connected with the control system, said Mr. Putin.

“Now, the President says: it is necessary to make so, so, and in the field, the governors say, Yes you went away,” — said Vladimir Putin. “I doubt that somebody us somewhere or in government, or in the regions said: we will not do what the government says or the President says”, — he said. According to the President, U.S. group interests are put above the interests of society and the people.

Recall that in the US protests erupted after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who died after his arrest. A policeman knocked him to the ground, pressed my knee on his neck, and so held, although the man says he can’t breathe. Police officer Derek Cavena accused of manslaughter. Three more policemen involved in the arrest, was charged with incitement to murder and of aiding him.