The refusal of world footballer Robert Lewandowski not to want to continue playing for Bayern and not to extend his contract, which runs until 2023, shakes the self-image of the Munich team.

Rummenigge is annoyed: As with Niklas Süle, whom former CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge insulted attested to be a “useful player”, FC Bayern find it difficult to come to terms with losing their superstar Robert Lewandowski – regardless of whether in the summer or a year later at the latest. Rummenigge is now wedged towards FC Barcelona and Lewandowski.

Poison arrows towards Barcelona: “I can’t imagine that you can currently win more with FC Barcelona than with Bayern Munich,” said the 66-year-old on “Bild-TV”. Rummenigge continued: “What more can Barcelona offer at the moment? I can’t think of anything to be honest.” He warns that the league has already lost an attraction with Erling Haaland and “you have to pray that Robert stays, he is the absolute attraction of the league”.

Hold Lewandowski: Rummenigge already has a plan on how to change Lewandowski’s mind. “You have to fight for it, talk to him and cuddle with the advisor,” said the former top official. He does not believe that the top scorer will provoke his departure as a “riot maker”. “Oliver [Kahn] has shown: The door is closed!” Rummenigge quotes his successor, who with his “Basta” statement ruled out a change by Lewandowski in the summer.

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