On Monday there was a meeting between the bosses of F1 on how to set the coronacrisis will handle it. The budgetplafond as of 2021 was one of the most important aspect of that message Motorsport.com.’

The conference call between the FIA president, Jean Todt, the chief executive of F1’s Chase Carey and chief technical officer of F1, Ross Brawn did with the rest of the afternoon. It was already decided that the new technical regulations, which had been postponed to 2022, it will not continue to be postponed until 2023.

The main item on the agenda was the budgetplafond in which the teams have unofficially agreed on that it is going to be reduced to 150 million dollars a year instead of 175 million, as previously had been agreed.

The scenario is that the season is 2020 and all is not lost, it is no longer unthinkable, and it’s mainly McLaren is still a more budgetplafond wants to be the big three, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have had their doubts about it.

The problem with the bigger teams and that’s due to the fact that they also deliver, and they develop in small teams, and they want to use one or the other way compensated to see. If Ferrari, for example, a rear suspension delivers it to a Hare than to the Americans, there is no research to do, and they may, in the meantime, their focus is on other things.

The discussion will then focus on the fact that the bigger teams will have an extra grant for the development of some of the parts. The example further, going from a Ferrari and the Hare, we’re going to take a budgetplafond out of 100. If Ferrari parts are developed for the Hare and the budget of the Scuderia Is 100+X, while that of the Hare, The 100-X is used.

with The financial rules and regulations of the 2021 also states that “all costs related to research and development for their F1 operations to be included in the relevant expense in the period in which they are made.

in other words, the research and development (R&D) for the year 2022 should be in the books by 2021 can be found. That can make a big difference, because normally you had to have all of these costs in 2020 would occur with the adoption of the new F1 cars and the new F1 regulations, in2021.

Ermoest dangeen to take into account the constraints in the budget, whereas now, in 2021, however, in the case of the introduction of new F1 rules and regulations, that a year later, in 2022, it will be introduced.

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