“You could not say who would have more titles,” says Atila Abreu on the two formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. However, as the Brazilian’s in 2005, had competed in the formula 3 Euro series against both, he recognized that both Hamilton as well as Vettel were determined to be Higher.

“you had the support of big [brands], Hamilton of McLaren-Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull/BMW,” says Abreu in conversation with our Brazilian colleagues . “Whether of them was better than the other, you could [at the time] but does not say.”

Particularly well understood Abreu at this time with Vettel, his team-mate at Mücke-Mercedes in formula 3. Him he had experienced before, even as competitors in the formula BMW – and, in 2004, in Vettel’s most of the year as the only driver besides Vettel won races, namely two out of 20.

Abreu as a formula 3 team-mate of Vettel

“Until then,” said Abreu about the formula BMW time, “I had no great friendship with him. We were rivals.” The changed then in formula 3. “We traveled together, lived together in the Hotel, we very well understood each other,” explains Abreu.

On the track, the results were, however, very different: Hamilton dominated the Euro series in 2005 and won the title, Vettel finished without a win, the fifth in the overall standings, Abreu was total, with only twelve points-15.

What would have made Hamilton and Vettel at the time, better than he himself? Abreu says: “Hamilton has a higher innate speed. It was always clear to me. You can [for example] the number of Pole Positions detect.”

Why he sees Vettel easily in the advantage of

Hamilton had not been in a young age, but perfectly emphasizes Abreu. “Sometimes, I have seen how he made mistakes because he tried to drive the fastest lap of the race, as he was already in the lead.”

Vettel on the other hand, Abreu was the better “complete package”. In his words: “He was generally a fuller type that works better with the Team and all the requirements are better met. He seemed to be in all respects complete.”

of Course: Abreu had to do a lot more with Vettel and the opportunity for the German to get better acquainted. Abreu describes Vettel as a “quiet guy that inspires you. He ensures that you have to improve every day.” He had learned the one or other lesson from Vettel, says Abreu.

On the application of the Brazilian brings all of these experiences since 2006 in the Stock-Car championship in his home country, where he was in 2012, third-party and 2014 Second. The jump in the top formula of the sport, as he managed to Hamilton and Vettel, had Abreu been denied.

This article was written by Stefan Ehlen, Co-author: Carlos Costa

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