Former tennis star Boris Becker (54) has been in prison for almost two weeks. The lady who has probably most often commented on his condition since then is Lilly Becker (45). The ex-partner not only gave an interview to BUNTE, she also spoke extensively on RTL. She had repeatedly emphasized how close Boris’ wives – i.e. ex-wife Barbara (55), Becker’s current girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (33) and she – stuck together in this situation.

Becker’s German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser finds little understanding for Lilly’s behavior. In the current issue of the magazine “Gala” he finds clear words: “Lilly Becker gives the impression that she is the spokeswoman for the family. But she isn’t.”

Boris and Lilly separated in 2018. Moser adds: “The person who has been in complex divorce proceedings with my client for years and who, until recently, had no serious contact with the Becker family. A little restraint would be appropriate here.”

Regarding the role of Becker’s partner Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro, Moser says: “My client’s new girlfriend is old enough to speak for herself when it’s appropriate. She doesn’t need Lilly Becker for that.”

According to a media report, there was a severe earthquake on Mars. It is said to be the strongest ever found on any other celestial body. Experts are puzzled by the observation of the NASA probe.

Fire brigade and police moved out with a large contingent to a parking lot at Öfendorfer Park in Hamburg on Friday afternoon. Families had grilled whole lambs there. On the instructions of the district office, however, the ritual festival was stopped.

Boris Becker is said to already be enjoying a celebrity bonus at Wandsworth prison. At least that’s what insider information from the “Bild” newspaper says. Not only could the tennis legend have his door open during the day – he was also allowed to make more calls than usual on his first day.

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