“You… are prohibited from serving without the right to wear the pectoral cross, pending the decision of the diocesan court of the Yekaterinburg diocese”. Abbot Sergiy (Romanov), a former Confessor of Natalia Poklonskaya, was overwhelmed with the same patience of the authorities – Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye. Calm down it now while you are in one step from deprivation Sana? According to many observers, the history of the Romanov’s rebellion this is not the end.

Recall that the background from father Sergius (in the world – Nikolai Romanov), to put it mildly, difficult. The reputation he tarnished including the worst sense of the word: according to available public data, of the Novels has stayed 13 years for murder. That did not prevent the acquisition of Nicholas-Sergius priesthood in 2005 he became the Confessor of the convent in honor of the mother of God “sporitelnitsa Bread” – or the growing popularity of him as a hermit reputed to be ardent defenders of Orthodox foundations.

among the admirers of father Sergius some time was the former Prosecutor of the Crimea, the current Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya. It was even called – and, it seems, not without reason – the Confessor Polonskaya. But last year, the spiritual daughter ran away from his father. According to father Sergius, Poklonskaya “ended the relationship” because it “does not want to go with Orthodoxy.”

I Must say, Natalia showed admirable prudence. In principle, already at that time the rhetoric of St. Sergius strongly gave strong mental illness. But the fact that it has now – in General, as they say, in any gate.

for example, from the fresh: “the same people who have placed us under house arrest, already warning on the second phase of the outbreak. And will offer the vaccination. The vaccine will be chips. For the masses, they are deadly. After the first vaccination will be the healing. People will admire such devilish love by the country’s leadership, doctors and so on. But then comes suffering and death… the power of Satan.” And so on and so forth.

by the Way, the latest statement was made after Yekaterinburg’s Metropolitan forbade him “to teach, preach and edify through public preaching and private spiritual advice”. The corresponding decree appeared exactly a month ago – on April 27. Actually, the current ban in the service – just the punishment for breaking the last of penance.

“Finally, the official Church has decided to act tough, rejoices in his “Facebook” Sergey Chapnin, the editor of the anthology “Gifts” (past – editor of the “journal of Moscow Patriarchate”). – Better late than never”. However Caplan does not consider the matter closed: “let’s See, was there any backup plan with Romanov and his fans… it is possible that by autumnand or later, when will start the vaccination from COVID-19, from the Russian Orthodox Church split into new sect. She has actually formed, and Serge Romanov is trying to become its leader.”

Theologian and writer, Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev sees, on the contrary, in fact, Sergius serious danger for the Church, “Abbot is a freak even by the views of our “deep” people. People with a very dark background. The killer, convicted by the court… it is obvious that this rogue, who took the great schema, not in order to escape from the world and its problems, and to climb to the authoritative Department.

Pushes the very tone of his statements – the tone of Stalin’s political Commissar. I don’t know what will be his choice. If he decides to take the path of going head to head, what sort of audience it will be. But I think he has no chance to become the leader of any significant Church movement. Especially being in conflict with the Church hierarchy.”

Gaining the priesthood Sergei Kuraev calls “the personal sin of Metropolitan Vikenty,” the predecessor of Metropolitan Kirill. Version Kuraev, he was “too immersed” in the lives of the saints, filled with stories of repentant thieves. “I understand the logic of it – continues Cura. – He wanted to witness the same miracle: “a sudden fierce robber Lord awakened conscience…” Formally, it is possible to find a justification: it is believed that baptism and monastic tonsure wash away all past sins. But the reality is, to put it mildly, much more difficult.”

the Church, Kuraev insists, does not remove a person “from a certain identity, certain psychological stigmata”. Over time, the “stigmata” can remind myself that, in fact, said Kuraev, we observe in the case with Sergius: “the Killer is the one who arrogated to themselves the right to dispose of human life. Today Serge Romanov is trying to do the same with words. “Go to the streets, protest, all will not be killed…” Well, what is it? This is the murder of a word. A murderer was a murderer and left. Only dressed in iconography wearing clothes.”

it Should be clarified that father Andrew also recently been banned in the Ministry. But for the opposite reason – for too sharp and unethical, according to the Patriarchate, statements about the Church avedissian.

It says Kuraev, not only Sergius: representatives similar way of thinking very much today in the Church environment. Including among the bishops. As an example, Kuraev results showed last week, the appeal of the Synod of the Moldovan Orthodox Church (self-governing part of the ROC) – “based on the performances of Nikita Mikhalkov and in the same style.”

a Statement, by the way, really amazing. Here’s just one favorite: “Vaccination carried��t the danger of microchipping or the introduction into the human body foreign devices…”

the root of the problem the disgraced archdeacon sees that “our bishops neglect their pastoral, teaching duties, not to try to stop this wave of superstition”. The responsibility for this lies, according to Kuraev, including the Patriarch: “the Patriarch is not besieged Moldovan Synod, and it is quite within its competence”.

so It was with Sergius. “Where an intelligible sermon of Metropolitan, which would disprove the nonsense of chiyoumen?” said the archdeacon. One bans, he said, “the wave” is unstoppable.