the may poll showed that among the Russians who have access to the Internet, one in five visited a virtual Museum, and the quarantine months of art lovers became more. Among the interests of the compatriots in the lead history – including a Museum interested in 47% of the respondents. In second place – art museums (40%). A third of Russians love technical museums, and a quarter of natural science and local history.

most of Russians would like to virtually visit the Hermitage, also the leaders of the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin musai Russian Museum. Among foreign museums with a big lead in the Louvre. If the goal of the Museum’s name into a search engine, one of the drop down rows – “virtual tour in Russian.” On the official website of the Louvre this was not, but there is a plan in the Russian language. Quite a lot of material in English – for example, the selection of videos.

for Sure will not have problems with the language project #of Tretyakovka, which continues the Tretyakov gallery. It combines online lectures by researchers of the Museum, tours of the permanent exhibition, concerts and film screenings. To be aware of all online projects of the Museum, you can subscribe to the special newsletter. From it it will be possible to know when the exhibition will reopen to visitors.

Recently, the Museum has launched an interesting project “the Tretyakov gallery from the first person” – about people who work in the gallery. Curators and curators, restorers and researchers tell you what is in their job. From the horse’s mouth you can learn about departments, the existence of which many people are unaware. The project is already out of service rasskazannye development of small museums the Tretyakov gallery Tatyana Gafar, head of Department of complex issledovaniyeyami Khalturina and others.

the Museum of Russian impressionism has decided to extend the exhibition “Yuri Annenkov. Revolution behind the door” until 23 August. As noted in the Museum, because of the pandemic, the first retrospective of the famous portrait painter, theater artist and book Illustrator managed to work only a month instead of the planned three. The exhibition features over 150 works from leading museums and private collections of Russia and France, including three works from the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

in the meantime, the Museum offers an online program. For example, recently it was possible to listen to the lecture by Museum Director Julia Petrova, “What is Russian impressionism” – fans of this style of art could see how the contemporaries regarded the purchase of Pavel Tretyakov first impressionist canvases as influenced by Konstantin Korovin Claude Monet, etc. from lecture is on the youtube channel of the Museum.

to listen to audio in the performance of outstanding Soviet actors thanks to the project “the Book in the ear”. Among the readers – Oleg Efremov, Michael Ulyanov, Innok��NTI Smoktunovsky, Yuriy Yakovlev and many others. You can select the works of different genres: there is, for example, “the Young guard” (read Vyacheslav Tikhonov), “the gadfly” (read George Taratorkin, Alina Pokrovskaya and others), “Running on waves” (read: Mikhail Kozakov, Sergey Yursky, Ekaterina Raikin and others).

the project presents and books – fiction and fantasy, mysteries, memoirs, business books, classics, adventure. You can search both authors and performers.

Moscow state Philharmonic continues its project “Home seasons” and conducts online broadcast of the Concert hall.Tchaikovsky. To access the virtual room, you need to register on the website. In the program as a record already of past concerts, as well as show live performances, which specially for the project arrange in an empty room without an audience.

for Example, 11 Jun Max Emanuel Zenkichi Julia Lezhneva will perform Vivaldi’s Opera”raging Roland”. And on June 4 will show live broadcast of 2018:pianists Nikolai Lugansky and Vadim Rudenko perform works by Ravel, Rachmaninoff and Arensky.

the programme of the festival Context. DianaVishneva and the Embassy of Israel in Russia, there are online classes “Russian choreographers in the Israeli dance context.”Pre-registration is required, broadcasts are held in the Zoom application and the public of the festival in Facebook.

Those who are inspired by the recent successful launch of the spacecraft CrewDragon, like travel the Universe right from your computer. The project SpaceEngine can you travel from star to star and from galaxy to galaxy, to explore the landscapes of other planets and land on them, to observe celestial phenomena. The authors of the draft emphasize that the virtual universe is created on real scientific knowledge. Visit planets of the Solar system, thousands of the nearest stars with exoplanets recently exposed thousands of known galaxies.