When our stingy power to make any steps towards direct support money certain segments of the population, the first urge is to bow down and give thanks, to thank and bow… Now, as it seems at first glance, just appeared for this reason. At once, the decision on the allocation of funds not systemically important businesses, banks or branches and the people. And people in desperate situations. I’m talking about the decision to triple the minimum unemployment benefit, raising it three months from 1.5 to 4.5 thousand rubles.

But personally, I think that to thank and bow to here, and this decision smacks of outright cynicism. Everyone understands that to survive in our country for four and a half thousand a month is impossible, in the same way as for a half. And the authorities know it, so the minimum wage we have 12 130 rubles – almost three times more than the grant to the unemployed. Which, by the way, on the background of coronaries becomes more and more under West million if you count the methodology of the International labour organization.

But in exchange for the benefit of them is only one-third. Really something to go through all bureaucratic obstacles, proving their right to benefits: for 1500 rubles, which is three months – so be it! – authorities have agreed to turn 4500?

meanwhile, half of all unemployed who did reach the exchange and knock yourself benefits receive them in a minimum amount. All it looks like a game that is played by the authorities with the unemployed: we pretend that the social support you you pretend that our support of you enough.

it is Understandable that people coming to the exchange for fifteen hundred, existed in any other money or they contained relatives, or they had a “black” earnings, or savings in a stocking. Perhaps, the game by the rules and made several hundred thousand of Russians in zocoronline era.

But now the era has come different. The Ministry of labor predicts that in the near future, the number of officially registered unemployed will rise to 2.3 million. And if half of them will receive the minimum benefit, this means that at least one million of our compatriots are doomed to exist on 4,5 thousand roubles a month. The prize in the game, which is now doing with their power – is their life: no more and no less. Because clearly, the longer coronaries, the less possibilities unemployed people to rely on the help of relatives or on their own actively eating up the reserves.

Authorities this three-month “mercy for the fallen” is worth nothing. Well, almost nothing. According to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov – 9.5 billion rubles in the country. Mere pennies for officials, drooping over with��Jimi chests trillion stockpiled in the national welfare Fund.

If the government is really so concerned with the problem of assistance to the unemployed, could allocate all of them for three months at least one of the minimum wage. Even for 6 million, calculated on methodology of the International labour organization, it would cost only 230 billion. The chests would not be very empty, but millions of people do could stretch out three critical months.

For this reason the person in charge of our labour market, they like to argue that benefits should not be “push” nature. Say, getting them, people need to maintain incentives to seek employment. That’s really what in our country can not worry! The minimum size of unemployment benefits has been increased three times, hardly the fifty euros. But, say, in Bulgaria and Latvia it is 160-180 euros. Even in Moldova – more than 100 euros. In France, Germany, Austria, Belgium – from 840 to 995 euros.

Well, of Holland (1300 euros) and Norway (1500 Euro) even not want to remember: for the money, and really, three quarters of Russians would probably agree to “destimulate”. But this story is not about Russia.

Our unemployed for more 3 thousand roubles a month, enough, perhaps, to a couple of times to go to the store, and then, probably will just order a hearse to a cemetery. Why did it take the authorities such a measure – senseless and merciless? “Hungry people will swallow anything” – this phrase belongs to the writer of the Serbian Parliament and Jergovic. Maybe it is the answer?