The visitors center "Aerospace and aircraft" at ENEA can now use the free audio guide, which you can use to learn about domestic space missions the history of lunar exploration and the evolution of spacesuits, reported Thursday on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

"Famous for the flight of Yuri Gagarin into orbit, the first man in space, the history of lunar exploration and the evolution of spacesuits – on this and many other you can learn, listening to a new audio guide. All users of the network available to almost 30 tracks lasting about one to three minutes. They can listen in a row, moving the largest space Museum in the country, or select recordings in a random order – you just need to click on the exhibit" – are reported words of the President of the center "Astronautics and aviation," pilot-cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin.

For convenience, the guide is duplicated text. Audio can be streamed online and available for download on the official website of ENEA.

The tour begins with the history of the pavilion "Space". Further, the national exhibition of economic achievements will be held in the first exhibition area of the centre, where an audio guide will tell you about the exploration of the moon, about the legendary Soviet expeditions into orbit and unique designs of our compatriots. Then students will learn about the famous inventions of the Soviet designers and will explore the evolution of space suits in the area of "CB-2. Design Bureau".

Space will end the tour in the area "CB-3. The spaceport of the future" with interactive exhibits of the center. So, guests will be able to follow the movement of the International space station in orbit in real time and also design your own apparatus for flying.

Center "Astronautics and aviation," resumed June 16. For the safety of visitors, there are several sessions, as well as temporarily limit access to some areas and interactive exhibits. At the same time there can be up to 100 people. More detailed information on the operation and preventive measures can be found on the website of the centre.