1-2 per cent of all children in the Uk have head lice at any time, estimates the Norwegian institute of public health (FHI).

Two times in the year it is the national lusekampanje. In the year came the campaign just before the national koronatiltak was introduced. It can thus be drowned in all the other information about the infection and measures.

Common karantenesjekk

mother of two Anneline Harborg encourage parents to find lusekammen.

– Now that we are going to keep us away from other people, can not all take a proper check and possibly treatment, she asks.

Harborg believe koronakarantenen is an excellent opportunity to get rid of hodelusa once and for all.

– This social distanseringen is the laborious, so then we can at least try to take advantage of the opportunities, ” says tobarnsmoren.

ON LOOKING: A lusekam is a useful tool in the fight against lice.

Photo: Are Hogner / NRK Treatment three times in a year

her Children is 5.5 and 9 years old. No one in the family had head lice, until the oldest child began school. After the first year, the family had discovered and treated the lice three times.

It felt a bit much. It is not some crisis to get lice. But the process around it to get rid of it is extensive and time-consuming, ” she says.

Harborg understand that it can be unattainable that everyone should prioritize lusesjekk now.

But in an ideal world, it had been wonderful to be rid of utysket!

Unrealistic to get rid of it for good

If all the checks and treat for lice at the same time, it will help to reduce the hodelusbestanden over time, writes FHI on their websites.

– Therefore, it is important that as many people as possible are included on the national lusesjekkene, ” says Bjørn Arne Rukke in the section for pest control service at the Norwegian institute of public health.

He, nevertheless, believes it can be difficult to get rid of head lice for good.

– Unfortunately, it is not possible. If everyone had checked very well, and all with lice treated themselves at the same time in a local community, we would have been rid of it there for a period of time.

We live, however, not isolated. Head lice will be spread by people coming into an area. We will therefore always be at risk of infection.

research ON PESTS: Bjørn Arne Rukke recommend everyone to take a lusesjekk once a month.

Photo: Hallgeir Aunan get rid of them

FHI recommends check of all members in the household once a month.

the Consequence of that people check out for rare, is that there always will be someone in a community who have it without being aware of it. They can infect others.

It takes time before head lice are detected. Not all claws. If you detect head lice, there are three common methods to get rid of them.

– Lusekur, comb regularly with lusekam or cut the hair very short. Is the hair under half an inch, will not louse ready to live on there, ” says Rukke.

Think on the decline

In the last year experienced Oslo that scabies spread quickly. Doctor Kaveh Rashidi believe in the decline of scabies, lice and other diseases now that the nursery is closed.

I have not research on it, but I suspect that both scabies and lice is going to fall. Lice is a typical disease that spread in the nursery, ” says Rashidi.