“A new, free European song contest” – so ProSieben Raabs announces new ESC-idea in the press release. Obviously, the 53-Year-old had to explore the station a long time to get to the Show, the Go. “Special challenges need special solutions. This evening, Europe comes together in a special, unique way,“ is Raab cited. In times of Brexit, a refugee crisis, and Corona is a music show in Europe is celebrated. That sounds like a nice idea.

Currently it is not. Because Raab and ProSieben, have announced the “FESC” with pompous words, but at this stage it is still open how exactly this “free European song contest” will be implemented. It is unclear whether the TV want to cooperate, stations from other European countries with ProSieben. But then it would be a truly European Show, which breathes the Spirit of the ESC. Otherwise, state it sounds while wearing it, but it would be just a regular show.

We are now in need of great entertainment

The timing could not be better. Television desperately needs new content, especially entertainment, and not just Corona messages. Many stations have been trying, for weeks, your program on the current Situation of crop. But RTL, for example, had to notice after the three episodes of the “quarantine-WG”, a pixelated Webcam live unlock with Pocher, Jauch and Gottschalk enough then unfortunately.

Raab could save ProSieben

And ironically, the currently undisputed TV Highlight “The Masked Singer” falls flat, because two of the employees of the production are infected with the Coronavirus. Especially the media group ProSiebenSat.1 is currently in a serious crisis. After last week, chief Executive, Max Conze had to go, it was said, they wanted to focus more on Entertainment. With Raabs ESC-Surprise, the ProSieben is already time.

ProSieben is exciting

a burning question, the, the transmitter is, so far, remains open: Will Raab ever see the “Free European Song Contest” in front of the camera? Because, of course, is a decisive factor for the success of the Show. No matter whether you like Raab or not – if he is in may five years after his big TV-say goodbye to really back on the stage , then a lot of people are switching on. Then it could be an entertaining evening of TV. The Entertainer knows how to do it. Not only because he led Lena Meyer-Landrut 2010 to the ESC victory.

Name Raab alone is not a guarantee for success

If Raab in may but remains behind the Scenes, must watch ProSieben: Just because Raab joins the fray, success is not guaranteed yet for a long time. Long-established Raab-format offshoots, such as “beat the Star” to do for years against the Prime-time competition. No wonder: The Shows take place in the old scenes of the time – without any changes. Even Raab’s new inventors Show, “The thing of the year” also provided ratings with the third season of UPS and downs. The Name Raab alone is not a guarantee of success. ProSieben have to really figure something out until may, otherwise it will be the Unding of the year.

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