Elena Stikhin: the Unknown more than the understanding that we will

Where you found the news about the cancellation of performances?

Elena Stikhin: In Boston after the dress rehearsal of the “norm” of Bellini, we were told that it’s canceled due to the coronavirus. It’s a shame, a pity, hurt. The production fully prepared. I had long prepared.

Photo: Valery Kichin “Double two” presents the Opera “Turandot”

Is, in such cases any guarantees in the contracts?

Elena Stikhin: the Situation of the pandemic is considered to be force majeure, so no one is responsible. Flying contracts, and for artists this is the only earnings, many of them have families, mortgages… I was supposed to start the rehearsal of “Adriana Lecouvreur” by Francesco Cilea in Paris, the premiere was scheduled in may… Unknown more than understanding what happens to us.

How do you perceive what is happening around?

Elena Stikhin: Try to think about some longer-range plans. All the news, everything around is so crammed with conversations about the coronavirus that has nowhere to go. If the other left.

Last summer, you have conquered the Salzburg festival of his Medea in the homonymous Opera by Cherubini. In December, the Paris took the Bastille with its premiere of Yaroslavna in “Prince Igor” by Borodin. What miracle were able to quickly get fantastic contracts? Luck or a good agent?

Elena Stikhin: , Everything must come together: the stars in the sky, you have to be ready, the agent should work well. The time of coincidence is also not excluded.

a Soloist of the Mariinsky theatre Samsonov – about the new action movie “Shugaley”

for Example, when you urgently had to replace Anna Netrebko as Tatiana in Paris OPEre?

Elena Stikhin: Yes, of course, to this about me in Paris did not know, and then found out that there is a singer Elena Stikhin. How you are invited somewhere, even if not aware of your existence? It’s very easy, believe me.

was to begin the rehearsal of “Adriana Lecouvreur” in Paris. But now the unknown more than the understanding that we will

Your voice gives a sense of freedom, of flight. It is the nature of a good school, a good head?

Elena Stikhin: it is difficult to assess. Yes, there are recordings, but they do not convey the feelings of the singer, when he’s on stage, in terms of the acoustics of the hall, where some overtones appear, others disappear. This status every second. I am grateful to my teachers. But if it doesn’t work – nothing happens.

Your Nastasya in “the Enchantress” on the Mariinsky theatre scene captured vocal fearlessness.

Elena Stikhin: Party is huge, complex and requires considerable effort. The only thing I’m afraid of heights, can’t sit on swaying from side to side of the couch under the grate, as required by the directorial concept. I’m that coward.

Photo: courtesy of the Ballet at home: “Russian seasons” and the Mariinsky theatre will show “Cinderella”

And Lisa in Queen of spades, Aida Verdi easy?

Elena Stikhin: Russian music is hard to compare with the Italian, everywhere of varying complexity. Lisa is not easy, Tchaikovsky wrote her as Tatiana in “Onegin”, first as a lyric, and then a more dramatic. Scene from groove heavy. As the third act in “Aida” Nile scene, where the first Aria of the heroine, which is afraid of everything soprano, then a duet with Amonasro, and then butt – duet with the tenor. It requires stamina. I have had only four performances in Geneva. Let’s see what will happen next. But plans are now meaningless talking. The main thing now – health. To protect yourself and loved ones. The rest will prividitsya.