The CEC approved the changes to the order of voting on amendments to the Constitution. Its head, Ella Pamfilova has told, what measures will be taken so that it is transparent and at the same time safe for voters.Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Director of the center for regional development of the Kursk region Konstantin Komkov considers that a military parade and a vote on amendments to the Constitution will be for society good markers return to normal life.”The CEC did not stop work during the epidemic. And I think the measures that they developed together with Rospotrebnadzor, meet epidemiological standard. At the same time hyposprays to carry out expression of the will during national voting, — he explained — Surcomstances elections for decades and knows how to organize a transparent and logical”. According to Komkova, a week of voting will allow to arrange the proper logistics, with good organization and good information to citizens about the work of polling stations, on home vote on the special voting opportunities, which will provide the Central election Commission.”All this will allow to minimize the threat and risk of a mass congestion of people will not arise, he added. — This is novel in electoral practices that, in my opinion, segodnyashnih effective”.In the Kursk region, according to him, all who in March wanted to be on the ballot observer, his desire to confirm — with the caveat about security measures.Well, and the transparency of the vote, according to Komkova, will provide the summing up through the Federal and local chamber, which will give the opportunity to participate in the process semipalitinsk parties.