The preliminary voting took place from 25 to 31 may in online. It was attended by about six thousand candidates due to the large number of applicants, the deadline for registration of candidates was extended for ten days. In total, the system registered more than 1.2 million voters — almost one million of them voted. It’s 5% of the total number of voters in the country. About 20% of voters of citizens — residents of the village.The results of the vote were discussed at a meeting of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia”. Andrei Turchak said that the vote was successful. He noted that the number of votes cast online increased 14 times compared to the previous year in 2019 remote voting method was used 53 thousand people this year — more than 970 thousand. “In past years, we have proved that strong in the traditional formats of communication with voters. This year we have successfully mastered digital format. In the future we intend to use these developments, including the elections to the State Duma. We first conducted a remote voting at the Federal level. And is ready to share its experience with the Central election Commission as a promising practice,” said Turchak.He also stressed that the results of the preliminary vote final and cannot be changed. He assured that no “podzakonnyh agreements” is not here, everyone who won will represent the party in the fall elections.In total, participation in the preliminary voting took about six thousand candidates. Increased competition from 4.2 to 4.8 candidates per seat. Among them, more than 40% are young people under 35 years. However, only about 20% of participants of preliminary voting are current members. The vast majority of new faces in politics.The decision of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia” primaries have been held. Experts follow the course of the procedure, noted its significance for the Russian political system as a whole. The Chairman of the Board of the development Fund civil society Konstantin Kostin, said that the “United Russia” once again acts as a trendsetter in the technology of party building”.”The fact that “United Russia” managed to collect on the Internet is so extensive verified database of supporters is a very important step in the development of the party system as a whole. This can give a serious impetus to the development of party institutions in a variety of ways. From improving the quality of political representation to improve the efficiency of electoral staff. The participants of preliminary voting — usually supporters with a high degree of political activity. This important resource far undervalued. In the near future is still to understand and develop possible areas of use of this resource,” said the analyst.

The formula for success. Experts estimate prospects of United Russia in the new cycle
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The President of communication holding “Minchenko Consulting” Evgenie Minchenko, in turn, has called an impressive number of voters — about a million people. In his opinion, the popularity of early voting has affected the volunteer activities that United Russia has deployed during a pandemic coronavirus.”This is one of the tools that definitely added to the party’s authority in the eyes of voters. “It makes sense to use e-voting to resolve intra-party issues. And other parties should take an example from the “United Russia” in this,” — said the expert.