ed Sheeran and cherry Seaborn

the 29-year-old famous British singer, a multiple winner of “Grammy” ed Sheeran and his 27-year-old wife cherry Seaborn will become parents for the first time, Western media reported.

ed and Cherri in the seventh heaven from happiness. They are very excited, but behave cautiously. Lockdown played into their hands in the sense that they go unnoticed. But the exciting moment is coming, so they began to share the good news with friends and family. Now they complete all the cooking in his house. The child should be born this month

— said the insider.

He added that the relatives of the spouses are very happy for them and look forward to the birth of the baby.

This is a happy time for their families,

— said the insider.

By the way, at the end of last year, ed Sheeran has announced a break in her musical career, so now he will be able to devote himself to his family.

ed Sheeran and cherry Seaborn was familiar from childhood — they studied together in school in Framlingham. About their engagement they announced in January 2018, five years after the start of the relationship, and the wedding was held in the winter of 2019. The marriage ceremony was secret and held in private, attended only 40 relatives and friends of the couple.