In today’s issue lumbunov propose to collect summer image as a whole, from underwear to accessories. Look for eco-friendly sneakers, and jewelry, romantic dresses, beach shoes and more.

1.You Belle

In the summer the line brand includes tops, shorts, Cycling shorts and leggings in muted soft shades of green, olive, pistachio, dusty pink and blue. These colors are easy to incorporate into everyday wardrobe to create a relaxed base. However, the need to hide them under clothes.

Tops and Cycling shorts will complement casual looks with cotton shirts, body with jeans or classic costumes, leggings with shirt dresses or dresses from translucent fabrics.


Brand Furfurza generally specializiruetsya on fur coats and sheepskin coats made of sheepskin, but each summer designer Ksenia Kostevich and releases a capsule collection of feminine dresses.

In hot weather the model with light ruffles and ruffles of fine 100% cotton with floral prints help you feel comfortable, as if the sky clouds over, they are easy to combine with blazers or oversized jackets to create a contrast image.

3.You Wanna

Russian brand introduced a summer capsule day to night, where you can find images for any occasion, from suits in a sporty style for the active, or, conversely, relaxed morning to lighter casual options for the office and romantic for evening walks.


Recycle.Object is a new Russian brand of jewelry made from recycled plastic, which its Creator Pauline Cherepoveckaja launched this spring in isolation. All processes, starting with the actual processing, held in Moscow a workshop.

Technology designer studied at the community’s Precious Plastic — the platform for open access information published, including lists of equipment and drawings for portable machines for processing, allowing to adjust the process is not industrial, but almost in the “home” scale.


Reebok introduced a collection [Ree]Cycled (things made with recycled materials) and [Ree]Grow (equipment with natural natural ingredients of plant origin). In the production of both rulers, the brand has completely abandoned the use of virgin polyester. For the manufacture of shoes the basic raw material of steel, natural rubber, eucalyptus bark, algae and castor oil plant.


In summerher collection, assembled models, which is suitable for various summer activities: sandals for long walks and picnics, bright flip-flops and clogs for a beach holiday or doing superdom sandals and shades on a small platform, which are suitable for dresses and for summer trousers.