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Easter is one of the travlaste and the most important solemn feasts for us in the church, ” says Ingvald Andersen Frøyen that is sokneprest in Brought.

Several services, concerts and other selections draws people to the churches date when it is easter. But in the year must the churches date kept closed by the account of the plot.

Digital wave in the churches date

Here in Norway we use the web more actively than in the past, says sokneprest Sally Sørebø in Jølster.

Videoløysing has for many been a major part of my daily life. For example, have concerts, conferences and legekonsultasjonar been solved by the use of video.

Now also has several churches of god fell on the digital wave.

– We make a different movie that we share on Facebook. We will post a video with a different theme to each of the påskedagane, ” says Sørebø.

People can sing with the psalms, the right current preik and prayers.

paid for hope that the musicians can spread a little joy, comfort and hope in these koronatider.

PODCAST: – Vibeke Jacobsen read the book the passover story of Anselm Grün. It will give out on our podcast as an offer to families with children, says sokneprest Arne Mulen.

Photo: Arne Mulen

Easter is a symbol of hope and light. We have to take care of you in these times.

Other churches have also found creative solutions to mark the time, among other things, in Bergen.

– We put out the podcast. In addition, we have made short films that take us through the påskeforteljingane. These are meant for children, and the mentally utviklingshemma, says Arne Mulen which is sokneprest in the Åsane church in Bergen.

The various produksjonane are published on the church say the game website and on Facebook.

– Not experienced similar

Mulen says that it is very special to walk into a passover without to be able to invite to the gudsteneste in the church.

– I don’t know about similar situation in historical time in our country where we have had shut up the churches a passover.

Although it is a demanding situation, think paid for that digital solutions can open for new possibilities.

I am impressed by the joint creativity which now has come to the fore. Some videos are up in the several thousand impressions. It is the expanding rekkevidda to the church.

He underlines that this can never replace it to be physically together, but, nevertheless, hope that the solutions can contribute to a fellesskapskjensle.

SOLUTIONS: – We have an organist who also is good at filming and editing. Without him we had not seen this, ” says sokneprest Sally Sørebø in Jølster. Organist Rune Molvik make admission to the easter.

Photo: Ina Christin Løvseth / NRK “Drive-in” gudsteneste

It is not the only digital one can be and mark the time.

At several churches in Norway shall be arranged påskevandring.

– In addition to hiking are laid down a påskekors outside the church in Brought. Where can people lay down the daffodils, ” says sokneprest Ingvald Andersen Frøyen.

If the weather allows it, also is it possible to be with the “drive-in” gudsteneste in the parking lot outside the Helgheim church in Jølster.

– This, we think, to get to 1. the easter Sunday. Then the people sitting in their cars at a safe distance to one another, ” says Sørebø.

The same is planned in the parking lot outside the Åsane church.

– We invite you to gudsteneste under the slogan “we are gathered on the other side of the altertavla”, says Mulen.

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