1/13 Jewish easter Photo: Junge, Heiko / NTB Scanpix

In the English language called the word pesach often for the jewish passover. This is because the word easter is derived from the word pesach, and because these festivals are celebrated at about the same time. But what is the meaning of the word pesach?

to go home To go out To go past the 2/13 Was the lack of yeast?

The Flight of the Prisoners – Tissot

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the Jews eat unleavened bread when they celebrate their easter, this is to the memory of the exodus from Egypt as described in The old testament. When they emigrated, they were eating unleavened bread because…?

there was tradition and they had no yeast, they had not time to raise the bread 3/13 What were the seven edible foods? Photo: Åsmund Asdal / NIBIO

When they left Egypt, wandered with the israelites in the desert for 40 years before they came to The holy land, according to The old testament. Along the way they were promised a land of seven kinds of food items. According to the 5. Numbers should they get a land of wheat, barley, grapes and figs.-

But what were the last three battles they should find?

Orange, olive, and honey, Banana, olive, and honey, Pomegranates, olives and honey 4/13 The sea was divided in two? Illustration: Nicolas Poussin / Wikipedia

On this trek boasts Moses a sea so that people could walk dry-shod over. Which sea this was, according to the traditional story?

the dead sea the red sea the Mediterranean 5/13 Which means of transport was used? Illustration: Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin / Wikipedia

According to The new testament Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on palm Sunday. People waved palmekvister to honor him. But which animal did he?

Horse Donkey Mule 6/13 Violence in the passover story Photo: Pedro Berruguete / Wikipedia

Jesus and the disciples were gathered in the garden of Gethsemane on maundy Thursday. The outrage committed disciple Peter in connection with the arrest of Jesus?

< p> He threw a soldier into the moat, He carved an ear of yppersteprestens servant He killed one of the guards in the garden of Gethsemane 7/13 on Which day occurred the crucifixion?

On which day of easter was Jesus crucified?

ash Wednesday maundy Thursday good Friday 8/13 The orthodox easter Photo: Unknown origin / Wikipedia

the Church follows different calendar, which means that easter is not necessarily celebrated on the same date each year, or at the same time. When is orthodox easter day in the year?

19. april 2020 12. april 2020 5. april 2020 9/13 The most important festival Photo: Boris Kustodiev / Wikipedia

What is considered the most important festival in the christian church?

Christmas, Easter, Pentecost 10/13 Passover Photo: Francesco Melzi / Wikipedia

Leonardo da Vinci have painted the picture of the passover meal “the last Supper”, Il Fun, where Jesus sits at table with his disciples. How many of the disciples sitting at the table in this picture?

11 disciples 12 disciples 13 altogether, the disciples and Mary Magdalene 11/13 Where in Italy you will find the fresco? Photo: Leonardo da Vinci / Wikipedia

Leonardo da Vinci painted the last supper of Jesus with his disciples, as the gospel of John describes it in John. 13.21. The picture “the last Supper” is one of the world’s most famous. But where do you find the mural that Leonardo da Vinci painted of the passover meal?

In The Sistine chapel in the Vatican In st. peter’s basilica in Rome and St. Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan 12/13 Sacraments Photo: By Meister von Daphni from The Yorck Project (2002) / Wikipedia

the Word sacrament means a tangible, visible sign that the divine is doing something that people can not see with our own eyes. The lutheran church of Norway has two sacraments. It is baptism and communion. But how many sacraments of the catholic church?

3 7 11 13/13 Jesus Christ Superstar Photo: Wikipedia

the Musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” describes Jesus ‘ seven last days and the conflict with the disciple Judas iscariot. What year was the LP disc with this music released?

1969 1970 1971 Your result

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