Drunk resident Indian villages Muttur, Karnataka, teeth tore apart a poisonous snake which came under wheels of his motorcycle. This publication reports the Times Now News.

on Tuesday, may 5, a drunken 38-year-old man by the name of Kumar was returning on a motorcycle from the shop where she went for alcohol. Suddenly, he got under the wheels of the Viper.

In front of passersby, the man grabbed the snake and drove her again some time. Then he stopped in the middle of the road, and his teeth tearing the reptile apart. Police arrived at the scene within half an hour. By this time the snake was dead.

Kumar didn’t know the snake was poisonous, and did not go to the doctor after the incident. He explained that the Viper “and had caused him concern,” and he finally got mad when she fell under the wheels of his motorcycle.

Earlier it was reported that the guard of the village in the Guyana region East Berbice-of Corentin wanted to burn the snake and lit a fire, but completely destroyed the whole building. Killed a snake in the actions of men, is unknown.