the Principle of the video club in some measure prompted by the circumstances of a pandemic: meeting at a distance using the latest means of communication – in particular, the increasingly popular ZOOM. Practice has shown certain advantages of the method, not knowing distances and frontiers, in the future, we these opportunities be sure to use. And yet has already held meetings with the playwright Nikolai Kolyada’s Ekaterinburg and its famous theatre, the premiere of a Comedy-fairy tale “the Magic Apple”, which the actor Danila Shevchenko shot in isolation – both of these release, you can look in the category “Archive” the video club.

And in the new issue Alexander Zhurbin will talk about how to be, if you play nerves, what’s the difference of film music in Russia and in the world, is there a future for the Russian musical, why has no prospects “of averagetime” and that will be shown at the anniversary festival in the autumn and winter of this year. One of the topics of conversation with the composer, lived for many years in new York: our people on Broadway.

We view excerpts from the musical of the film Director Vladimir Alenikov “Drayman and the King”, the play “Caesar and Cleopatra”, “Penelope”, “Orpheus and Eurydice”, “the Metamorphosis of love” will hear the singing of albert asadullina, Mikhail Boyarsky, Galina Petrova, Igor Ladeishikov and Alexander Zhurbin.

As for the online festival “Double two”, viewers of the video club can become its active participants: you can write your reviews on what is seen, ask questions (the answers are then published in the forum of the club) to nominate a future guest of the club.

All meetings and auditions, as always, is free. Consider these lines as its admission ticket – front row seats reserved for you.