“Martin Rütter – The puppies are coming” is usually about housebreaking, play instinct and the like. In the RTL evening series, the prominent dog trainer (51) comments on the attempts at education of newly minted dog owners plea in the direction of politics was due to one of the selected puppies.

The Palchyk family from Bad Homburg got a puppy of the same breed, little Irma, seven months after the death of their American Staffordshire Terrier bitch Vicky. Mama Isika (43), who had made her husband Evgeniy (46), a doctor, also an animal fan 14 years ago by making it clear to him: They are only available with four-legged friends, knew that these dogs were “tainted with many prejudices”.

Vicky had died just ten days before baby Benedikt was born, and the loss still hurt everyone. Martin Rütter found it “really courageous” that Isika and Evgeniy, in addition to raising the infant and six-year-old Valentina, also dared to raise a puppy. The longtime VOX “dog professional” openly: “It would be too exhausting for me.”

However, the Palchyks simply didn’t feel “complete” without a dog and were therefore very happy when they were finally able to get their Irma to live with them. And Rütter was also happy, showing the show “finally” that “AmStafs” are wrongly considered to be particularly dangerous “list dogs”. “They are really good family dogs. If they are bred sensibly, raised sensibly, they are really great,” emphasized the professional.

Even if you keep reading about “fighting dog” attacks in the media: “If we were to take bite statistics, the German shepherd and mixed breed German shepherds would still be number 1.” However, they did not appear in any list because, he fumed, these lists were “usually compiled by incompetent experts, by politicians.”

He welcomed the fact that dog owners had to meet certain requirements: “That should only be the case for every breed. I think that a Germany-wide, standardized dog handler license is urgently needed.” Instead, only mistresses and masters of certain dogs had to deal with it – and Rütter was particularly annoyed by some of the rules here…

An American Staffordshire is only allowed to move outside on a leash for a while after birth. “What nonsense! That means: a Staffordshire terrier is not allowed to have any social contact in the park there, in this state, for 15 months. That’s totally stupid!” Scolded the expert and hoped “that they would find a place , where they are allowed to do that, a dog school or somewhere, because that would be a real catastrophe for the dog!”

After all, as far as the family itself is concerned, he was confident, as they already had experience with this type of terrier through the deceased Vicky and were “normal people in the best sense of the word”. The parents had a photo of the beloved bitch printed on a pillow – also to process the grief for daughter Valentina, who remembered: “I just loved Vicky very, very much.” This was “like a big sister” for her. “And now I’m a big sister to Irma.”

In this role, she showed the little one the said pillow and explained: “Vicky sent you down from heaven.” “A sweet thought”, surely not only Martin Rütter thought…

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Horst Lichter and his “Bares for Rares” team were enchanted by the gentle sound of the music machine. In the dealer room, the bills were therefore quite loose.

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