Perm from 1940 to 1957 it was called Molotov, was, and remains, a major industrial center, where the companies of different industries, primarily heavy industry.

during the great Patriotic war, all factories were converted to wartime needs and made a significant contribution to the Victory. From Perm to the front went the engines, gunpowder, cannons. Kungur – boots (every third soldier wore them), from Lys – helmets (every second on the front). To Win the miners worked Kizel, Chusovoy metallurgy and the city, oil and Krasnokamsk chemists verkhnekamye region. In the Molotov region has created a large base of hospital, small towns and villages took evacuated from Leningrad.

Total war 11 medals were awarded to nine enterprises, the plant number 172 of them. Lenin (modern “Motovilikhinskie Zavody”) was awarded three. Among them, one of the largest industrial enterprises in Perm was considered the Engine-building plant № 19 named. Stalin (now JSC “UEC-Perm motors”).

the Need in aviation engines since the first days of the war was considerable, from June to December 1941, plant No. 19 was the only enterprise in the Soviet Union, which continued the serial production of aircraft engines. During the four years of the war gave them about 32 thousand units – more than a third of all aircraft engines produced in the Soviet Union for the war effort.

During the war, Perm gave the front more than one million carburetors for combat aircraft, more than 176 thousand units of cannon artillery, 30 thousand engines, 100 million fuzes for projectiles, more than nine million missile warheads.

– Perm is one of the cities in the region, where he forged a Victory, – said the acting Governor of the region Dmitry Makhonin. For us, the inhabitants of Prikamye, it is important that the merits of our ancestors were assessed at the highest level. We are proud grandparents and great-grandparents, let us be proud and the whole country.

Since the beginning of the war the plant № 172 of them. Molotov was the only company in the country, supplying the front of the artillery technique. It is this company produces self-propelled rocket launchers SPG-152, nicknamed “the fighters “tigers” because their shells pierced the armor of heavy German tanks. It was here, in Molotov, was built 122-mm heavy artillery gun A-19, which in April 1945 was given the first shot on Berlin.

To the machines of the plant from the beginning of the war stood still quite young guys, almost kids. In 2017, “Motovilikhinskie Zavody” released a collection of their memories – “Immortal plant”.

“Victory remember very well, – says Valentina Siluyanova, who at age 14 came to the plant. Molotov chemist-the laboratorian. – When it was announced, I was at work. I felt like the people were crying, jumping, laughing and hugging – not the front��s”.

Eighteen-year-old Zoya khans first day worked as a tractor driver on the farm, when they announced the beginning of the war. She immediately gathered and went to Molotov at the school – factory school to work for the Victory. “I worked seven days a week, without a vacation, – says Zoya. – Worked from 12 to 24 hours, at night very sleepy to Wake myself up, did a few laps in the shop. From the cold in the shop my hands were frozen to the machine”.

the Initiative of the Perm assigning the title “City of labour valour” was supported by almost 158 thousand inhabitants of the region, they left their voices on the site supermi.of the Russian Federation. In honor of awarding a high rank on the walk of fame lay, the star. On the Esplanade will appear a memorial plate and arranged “Route labor valor” for example, created on the eve of 9 May “Route of victory” with the information notices around the city.

Until the end of the year it is planned to prepare a cycle of TV and radio programs with participation of labor veterans, honorary residents, business leaders, historians, who will comment on this historic event for the city. In addition, he published a photo album dedicated to the contribution of Perm in the Great Victory.

the Title of “City of labor valor” commemorates the achievements of those who forged Victory in the rear, without whom it would not be possible. I am proud that the capital of my native land was in the list. During the war years in Perm has focused a significant part of the military-industrial complex, – says Dmitry Makhonin. – Residents – women, children, old people – are undernourished, was dead on her feet from fatigue, but kept working and implemented the front. And the assignment by the decree of the President of the high rank is a recognition of the heroism that is as important as the feat of the combatants.