the cycle-traveler and teacher of physical culture of Tomsk region, a 32-year-old Ivan Porotnikov, arrived in Crimea on his bike, having covered the distance 5145 km. Now Ivan is staying with friends in the village Koktebel (Feodosia). He told “RG”.

the Traveler recalled that from his native village Podgornoe Chainskiy district went on June 12.

– For a person who spent his whole life in the Tomsk region, to see the vines growing on the trees peaches, plums, apricots – it is a great happiness, – said Ivan. – Crimea previously only seen in the movies – for example, in “the Caucasian captive”. Travel around the Peninsula I only have ten days so that you have the time to spend with the maximum advantage. Going tomorrow with friends to go to Yalta. I want to climb the AI-Petri plateau and take pretty pictures.

the Traveler stressed that the Crimean bridge, which he recently passed, made an indelible impression on him.

– Nothing on such a scale I have never seen, he said. – While driving over the bridge, I smile wider and wider became: on the one hand, the barge floats on the other, a bird flies, and so everything is alive!

Porotnikov has admitted that some tired during the journey.

– Now my knees somehow began to ache, but the salt water and clean air, plus fresh food will do the trick, he said.

According to the traveler, before traveling to the Crimea, he trained hard for two months.

From April as soon as the snow we started to go, the asphalt dried up, and began attacks on the bike for 25, then 50 kilometers, – said Ivan. – May 9 did it in just the first hundred kilometers. A week before the start drove 120 miles on hard terrain.

in Addition to Cycling Porotnikov is fond of sports tourism, parachuting and Davignon.