Some members of the city Council of Minneapolis, threatened with death after their appeals to deny funding to the police after the death of George Floyd, had to ensure personal safety. City taxpayers services for the protection of members of the city Council at a cost of $4,500 per day.

As reported by Fox News, over the past three weeks Minneapolis has spent 63 000 dollars on private security members of the city Council.

“the names of the people receiving the security information is not public”, – said the representative of Fox News on Saturday.

According to reports, the threats began to come after Council members loudly announced withdrawal of funding of police Department of Minneapolis. Mainly white police force has struggled trying to restore the confidence of citizens after the death of the African-American George Floyd.

But the city Council of Minneapolis unanimously approved the proposal to eliminate the city police Department on Friday, initiating the steps to create a new “holistic” approach to public safety.

a New initiative of the city authorities eliminate the existing police Department – instead, it will create a “Department of public safety and violence prevention is responsible for ensuring public safety, giving priority to a holistic approach to public health”.

However, the mayor of Minneapolis, Democrat Jacob Frey, though, and supports the deep structural changes in the existing police Department resists complete collapse: “If I see a lack of clarity, and our voters see.”

against this backdrop, some members of the city Council and began to receive threats, affecting ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.

In a Saturday interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend” a retired officer of the Dallas police K mon Wingo said that if you imagine a city in America without law and order, the hair stand on end.

“I just think in this case they need to do a little more research, she said. – Not having police, depriving it of financing and dissolving the police Department, and attracting, perhaps civilians to do the work… What are you going to do when you attend bad people? When you call 9-1-1, who will come?”

“Even if I wasn’t a COP, let me tell you that I would not want to live in a city where there are no laws,” – said the expert.

And the Vice-President of the organization of police, Fraternal Order of Police Joe Gimaldi noted that the percentage of the US population, which supports the funding cuts or the elimination of police departments is less than 30 percent. Held in June 8-10 poll the HuffPost / YouGov only 27 percent of Americans supported such steps.

“But, you know, the city Council of Minneapolis too busy pandering to the crowd to even notice those statistics,” said Amaldi. And, interestingly, when I asked city Council member: “How it will look when I get robbed. Who will come? “And they said, “Well, that’s just your privilege talking.” Excuse me? It is the privilege of every American in this country to feel safe – to be able to call the police.”

According to Joe Gimaldi while in Minneapolis ignite the debate about the future of the police rising crime.

the state attorney mn USA Eric MacDonald met with the chief of police of the Minneapolis Medaria of Arredondo and several representatives of Federal law enforcement officials to outline a plan to curb a recent spike in violent crime.

the Situation is completely out of control, says Jo Gemalde: “we don’t want to hear flirting by the city Council that “we are going to offer you comprehensive and holistic approaches”. No, the community deserves answers. If someone tomorrow will put me in the face with a gun, who will come to help me? And they can’t answer that.”