Smirnov Filipp Igorevich, the chief editor of “Moscow heritage”

“In the framework of [Public] headquarters [on the control and monitoring of the national vote in Moscow], I visited the site, which will vote July 1 — went back to his main job. I can say that everything is in order, in accordance with regulations and standards. The Committee members all clearly explained, with voting behave adequately, to observe a distance and remind you who came to the site. So regarding this I have not had any issues.

all polling is conducted round the clock monitoring. In particular, we are working in a group rapid response — rapid response is for all complaints. Fortunately, very few of them, but if there are some rough edges and unclear situation, we all understand. Sometimes by phone, sometimes by using special mobile group in place. In General, issues are resolved, they mainly relate to misunderstandings or not to end properly completed instructions for electronic voting.

At the moment, I believe everything is in working order. All solvable, no gross violations, which would be difficult for us, not yet recorded”.