the Secret of longevity of the Caucasus is a special kebab. The locals cook it for special recipes. About this in an interview with radio Sputnik said dietitian Andrew Bobrowski.

According to him, barbecue is a cult dish in the Caucasus region. Lamb finely cut, then put on skewers and roasted on charcoal on the grill. The dish has the correct content of unsaturated fats, the expert explained.

“the Secret of the famous Caucasian longevity in the meat. It is obvious that in those regions the air is cleaner, water the other to eat vegetables, fruit, but, according to a recent study, one of the most important factors that favors longevity is the composition of fat,” said Bobrovsky.

He also noted that the Caucasian shashlik different from that which was used by inhabitants of the Central regions of Russia. In addition, according to nutritionist, the most beneficial barbecue made from fish or lamb. Important and the method of cooking: the diet version is on the grill or barbecue. So all the fat from the meat drip down, the expert explained.