Smartphone users need to limit access to application functions of the device. About it in interview to Prime Agency has told IT-specialist of the Academy of management Finance and investment Gennady Nikolaev.

According to him, many companies are willing to buy information about users of the phones with which they can earn. “For example, many banks are using their applications, or data purchased from third parties, choose locations for new ATMs,” — said the expert. In particular, there are fraudulent organizations that collect and resell disclosed private user data.

The main risk of malicious applications the ability to read SMS-messages — for example, malicious programs can get access to one-time codes from banks and intercept the account of the owner of the gadget.

Released unknown by the developers of the applications need to restrict access to data and to ensure that the requests of the creators do not go beyond the functionality of the service. For example, fraudsters can gain access to the notebook devices, social networking, camera, and microphone. Gennady Nikolaev noticed that it will allow them to spy on the user or even to extort money by threatening to disclose private information.

While most of the functions of the applications distributed through the App Store and Google Play, Nikolaev called safe. One of these features is automatic updates, which are unlikely to harm the user and his device.