From 1 August Turkey will begin to accept Russian tourists. The authorities have promised that for a safe holiday during the period of the pandemic is taking all necessary measures. Meanwhile, yesterday in Turkey, it was revealed 919 new cases COVID-19. How can Russians look like a vacation in this country, we talked with the chief editor of “MK-Turkey” yaşar by Niyazbaeva.

“Probably one of the most positive decisions that had been taken by Turkish authorities is that Russian tourists do not need to present a certificate of negative test for coronavirus, says Yashar Nijazbaev. – To travel do not need a visa. Another important point is that although Turkey suffered the tourist season at a later date on the background of the pandemic, she still continued to prepare for it over several months. Only now it takes into account all the unusual conditions in which we were due to coronavirus”.

According to our interlocutor, all hotel workers ordered to wear masks and gloves and to observe social distance, as well as to ensure that it kept the rest. This measure will apply not only in space but also on the beaches. Sun loungers are placed so that between vacationers remained a certain distance.

“From the moment you arrive in Turkey and call for you at your hotel, as long as you don’t leave the country, all the restrictive measures will be closely monitored, says Yashar Nijazbaev. – All the ministries in Turkey, one way or another connected with tourism, enforce safety rules”.

the tourism Ministry of Turkey is going to send the “hotel inspectors, undercover” to check the standards of hygiene and security within the framework of its new programme “Certificate of healthy tourism.” The program in Turkey was introduced in may to ensure the safety of tourists and staff, as well as to pull out of the crisis the tourism industry suffered because of a pandemic. The decline in foreign exchange earnings from foreign tourists is estimated at 60-70% this year, and the income from domestic tourism has fallen by half.

Under the guise of a secret hotel inspectors will visit the hotel restaurants, as well as explore the wide range of parts from the disinfection of swimming pools to the cleanliness of the Cutlery is how they meet the requirements in a pandemic COVID-19. If the hotel is caught failing to meet these conditions, then he can select “certificate of healthy tourism.”

However, such checks are not so common – “the inspectors undercover” will be directed at the hotels every two months, while the official test will be conducted on a monthly basis. Alas, the sad experience of the Russian resorts, where many rules are not zabluditsya, and the rest��s behave carelessly, showed a beautiful theory is often far from practice.

In accomplice, July 27, the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported that during the flight to Turkey, tourists will have to fill out a form including personal and contact details, number of seats, place and address of residence in the country, as well as information about the condition.

in Addition, to the passport control each passenger will measure the temperature. The traveler will not pass aboard the plane if he would have identified the symptoms COVID-19. He offered to undergo the free PCR.

if confirmed, the passenger has a particular flight coronavirus information about contact persons, were with him on the plane (their personal and contact details) will give the Management of health of Turkey. However, if the infection will be known only after the flight, contact with patients will find in their questionnaires. And they will have to undergo a two-week quarantine.

Checks temperature of customers is prescribed in the hotels. Demand from tourists to observe the distancing at the reception.

the Glasses in hotel rooms now are disposable, and the rooms will be disinfected after the departure from the hotel. Items such as a television remote control, will be Packed in disposable bags.

the Restrictions imposed on the number of people allowed to visit the pools and beaches – depending on the size of the object. Staff regularly prescribed to warn customers about the need to maintain a distance even the sea.

Some changes on the background of the virus has undergone and the work of food service establishments. Many restaurants and cafes for security reasons switched to disposable dishes. Tables in schools will be placed away from each other. And visitors no longer will be allowed to take food from the open buffet. Instead, food will be served to the restaurant staff.

“it is Expected that by the time when Russian tourists will fly to Turkey, the situation with the pandemic even more normal, says Yashar Nijazbaev. – Because the figures that we see today, there is a steady decline not only new infections, but fatal cases”.

Yashar Nijazbaev noted that currently all restrictions on travel to Turkey lifted. The police and other Supervisory bodies to this day enforce citizens social distance. In addition, almost all Turkish cities wearing masks even have on the street.

“For violators of public safety in pandemic conditions provided for fines, – the expert continues. – While it may prescribe not only a police officer. Citizen, in violation of quarantine measures may also be tracked by cameras nabobservations. The fine impressive: translated into Russian money, it is about 30 thousand rubles.”

this raises a timely question: would the penalties apply to foreign tourists? The expert stressed that Turkey applies to all visitors very graciously and kindly, therefore, if law enforcement officers encounter on the street, tourists without a mask, they will come to him and make a warning.

“I think the police attitude to foreigners is much more loyal than the citizens of Turkey, says Yasar Nijazbaev. – Perhaps it will depend on how often a person will violate the new rules. However, I also believe that if the Russian tourist will see on the streets all wear masks, he is unlikely to ignore these restrictive measures. Another thing is how they are observed in hotels, while is not clear. Agree to go to the mask on holiday – not the most pleasant experience”.

meanwhile, on 27 July in Turkey for the day there were 919 new cases COVID-19, during this same time, the amount recovered amounted to 982 people. In total, the country registered more than 227 thousand cases of coronavirus infection, the number of deaths from this disease amounted to 5630.

Many travelers are also interested in prices of tours to Turkey in August. According to ATOR, a week-long tour for two with accommodation in 3* hotel in Antalya and power on the system “all inclusive” will cost the Russians from 50 thousand rubles for two. With this tour, but on the resorts of the Aegean sea – from 56 thousand roubles for two.

Recall that the flights to Turkey for Russian tourists will be restored from August 1. From this date the Russians will fly to Ankara and Istanbul, and on August 10 will be available for flights to Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum.