Since the League-the rise of TSG Hoffenheim 1899, her patron, Dietmar Hopp, was the enemy of the ultra scene. His face appears in the Fanblöcken in a cross, his family is insulted loudly and saying banners evil.

After the Dortmund maintained by the DFB pronounced suspended sentence, were banished to the BVB-Fans from the DFB from Sinsheim. A collective punishment against the Ultras of all clubs mobilized. Hop of public enemy number 1 for all of the Terraces and was well – which led to several breaks during the game. imago images/MIS To insults from the Bayern-Block completed by both teams the game early and applauded by Dietmar Hopp minutes long.

Hopp: “I want to forget everything, if…”

it was Now Hopp is a guest in the ZDF “sport Studio”. The channel to publish in advance a video message from the TSG-patron of the arts on Twitter, in which the 79-Year-old with an offer of peace on the Ultras is received.

“make Me the face for the commercialism that is not really comprehensible. Unfortunately, the agitation was staged so perfectly, that the Ultras have joined many clubs. I want to forget everything like it is now history.”

Hopp must re-insults endure

On the peace deal, the Fans were not. The negative comments and hate comments under the Post multiplied within a few minutes. Some of them related to the profession of his mother, others referred to the Nazi past of his father.

The “sport Studio” had to intervene and warned the User on, to be respectful, otherwise you will be blocked would.

Hopp: “I would like to tell my story”

In the show “sport Studio broadcast” then the whole video message of Hopp, the TSG-patron of the arts opens to the Fans:

“For most people, I was also prior to the crisis, not a bogeyman. My social commitment is completely independent of my involvement in football. My investments in education, research, and medicine are many times higher than in professional football. I would be pleased if those who call me for 13 years for a reason dam it, stop it sometime it. I would like to tell my story with the TSG, which has now lasted 66 years.”

a Great gesture! BVB Omnisport provides the use of its stadium as a treatment centre with a Great gesture! BVB provides its stadium as a treatment centre