more and More football clubs are choosing to cut in players ‘ salaries on the grounds of coronakrisen.

And now, Diego Maradona, to shoot with the focus.

the argentine legend believes that the clubs are trying to take advantage of the worldwide health crisis.

“There are players who do not need to be paid – it is the truth, and you know it all.”

“But there are also players who can’t play for free – not even in one month – and them, the clubs pay,” said Diego Maradona, according to the Daily Mirror.

“There are some clubs that now play stupid and will take advantage of the situation to avoid paying the players.”

“They have treated the players like slaves for years.”

“It seems that there are clubs that always have a pandemic. They should not look for excuses now, the players also need to eat,” continues Diego Maradona, who today is the coach of argentina Gimnasia de La Plata.

This is Maradona vertical disagrees with his fellow countryman Carlos Tevez, who has proclaimed that footballers can cope for a year without pay.