Oscar-winning actress and activist Susan Sarandon spoke up to defend an organizer of a People’s Convention that saw nearly half a million Americans pledge opposition to the two-party duopoly – and is getting eviscerated for it.

Sarandon expressed her support for People’s Convention co-founder Ryan Knight on Twitter on Tuesday, reigniting the hatred of liberals who blamed her outspoken support and campaigning for Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016.

Standing by @ProudSocialist and respect his courage in sharing his journey over the past few years. We need more Ryan Knights to stand up and speak truth to power every single day.

Knight has been attacked relentlessly by Biden supporters over the past few days over his support for a “party that represents the people.” While he backs Green and Socialist Party nominee Howie Hawkins for president in 2020, he has been open about his transformation from a voter-shaming Hillary Clinton Democrat in 2016 – Twitter handle @ProudResister – into what his current Twitter handle calls a @ProudSocialist. 

However, some have held up his past centrism as proof he’s a “grifter” or suggested he’s a Russian-controlled infiltrator who has been “activated” in order to meddle in the 2020 election.

Then and now. A perfect example of what US intelligence described: they start out as dem accounts to build a following and then become “activated” to spread Russian talking points.

But it was Sarandon’s vote of confidence that triggered Biden supporters to a truly cosmic degree, unleashing torrents of hate not seen since, well, 2016. “Trump endorses this message,” Vox reporter Aaron Rupar snarked, referring to the actress’ tweet in support of Knight. 

People like Susan Sarandon don’t actually care about America. No one who actually cares about America would think it’s a good idea to allow Trump to win another election.Raise your hand if you are voting for Joe Biden no matter what!

Sarandon is helping Trump “destroy America for Putin,” as one Twitter pundit put it.

Many blamed Sarandon’s privilege – being white and rich, they reasoned, she could afford to weather the fallout from a second Trump term.

Her privilege is stunning. 200k dead, kids in cages, deportations, evictions but even with 4 more years of Trump Susan would still be tweeting between glasses of champagne and plates of avocado bread.

If Susan Sarandon wasn’t white, wealthy, & privileged, she’d be singing a different tune.

Some went beyond blaming Sarandon for Trump’s 2016 victory, arguing her ‘traitorous’ support for a third party had even opened the door to Republican War on Terror firestarter George W. Bush’s victory over Democrat Al Gore in 2000 – a reaction which raised several eyebrows even in 2020’s mudslinging political climate.

Hi progressive kids. Imagine maybe no 9/11, no Iraq War, no financial crash…and 20 ahead years head battling climate change. You can’t because auntie Susan Sarandon did the same 3rd party thing to climate czar Al Gore who lost to Bush by only a handful of votes.

I have to admit, ‘Liberals blame Susan Sarandon for 9/11’ is not something I saw coming.

Others pointed out Democrats had gone down this road before, to less-than-stellar results. “We tried everything – mocking poor people AND yelling about Susan Sarandon!” one user tweeted sarcastically, doing an impression of 2016’s liberal pundits post-election: “I just don’t know what else we could have done!” 

Liberals spent the months leading up to the 2016 election attacking Susan Sarandon instead of making calls and knocking on doors, now they’re doing to same exact thing with Ryan Knight. They never learn.

PSA: Hillary didn’t lose a single vote due to Susan Sarandon’s advocacy. Sarandon is simply not that powerful. Neo-liberal candidates lose because they have shitty policies nobody wants. Tacking right when the country is tacking left is risking another election.

Biden, like Clinton, doesn’t need Sarandon’s “help” to lose the election, they argued, suggesting if centrist Democrats actually listened to voters like her the country would be in a very different place.

Biden is blowing this election all by himself, with a bit of moral support from DNC leadership.If Biden followed even one tenth of the free advice in Susan Sarandon’s or Ryan Knight’s tweets, he’d lead Trump by 25 points.

Biden won’t lose because of Susan Sarandon or Ryan Knight, he’ll lose because of the DNC meddling, refusing to adapt to progressive policies and continuing neoliberalism-which has already proven to be a failure 2016. Its 2020 and already both of the candidates are unlikable.

Between piling on Sarandon, raising the alarm about “Russian meddling” without any proof it’s taking place, and circling the wagons to protect Biden from accusations of failing health, the 2020 election is lousy with echoes of 2016. 

More than a few liberal doomsayers have warned Biden’s apparent polling lead could be a figment of Democrats’ imagination, among them documentary-maker Michael Moore, who also predicted Trump’s win in 2016 despite polls claiming Clinton had a 98 percent chance of taking the White House.

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