the Passengers shared the secrets bypass restrictions on Luggage weight at the airport, and described the main object, which may cause additional costs when weighing. Relevant discussion on Reddit, it drew attention in the Daily Express.

thus, according to one of the participants of the thread, “extra” suitcase is any thing denim — jeans, jackets, shirts or overalls. “Leave all jeans at home, if you are going to wear it on the plane,” he said.

In turn, the other travelers to save advised not to bring toiletries, except in the very necessary and indispensable, and bulky electrostrictive, for example a Hairdryer. As a rule, they are available for free use in units.

in addition, some tourists to avoid weighing, recommended not to report at the registration desks on hand Luggage — the bag should look “small and easy”. “I travel more than two years without checking in bags, and their total weight is about 12 kilograms,” said one of them.

on 28 September she has described ways to reduce the weight of the baggage going on a trip, to avoid problems with overweight at the airport. In the first place the girl advised “not to try to carry the whole house” and to take only the most necessary things, preferably not shrinkable, in order “not to run around looking for iron.”