A Kazakh oil terminal has to shut down under pressure from Russia – with consequences for the EU as well. A Chechen leader tells stories about moving to Germany. According to media reports, the Russian economy is preparing for a longer war.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has rejected the delivery of Fuchs armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, citing Germany’s own security interests. “We support Ukraine with everything that is possible and responsible. But we have to ensure Germany’s ability to defend itself,” the SPD minister told the German Press Agency on Thursday, responding to demands from the Union.

Lambrecht further explained: “It is therefore irresponsible to want to plunder the Bundeswehr, especially in these times, and even to want to ignorantly ignore the military advice of the Inspector General.” no leeway to let Ukraine have the tanks.

The Union faction wants to demand a short-term delivery of 200 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine with a decision by the Bundestag on Thursday. The parliamentary group also refers to a decision taken jointly with the traffic light coalition in the Bundestag at the end of April to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine.

“For the Ukrainian army, it is about the rapid delivery of reliable material that can be used immediately on the front line. Such material is in the inventory of the Bundeswehr and is to be withdrawn from use by the Bundeswehr: the Fuchs armored transport vehicle,” says the application.

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