Because every euro counts in these times, the search for a cheap vacation spot in Europe is particularly important. We’ll show you where you can go on particularly cheap holidays in 2022 – and which countries are among the most expensive.

Where can I get the most vacation for my money? The “Federal Association of German Banks” has dealt with this question and determined in a purchasing power comparison how much the hotel and restaurant services differ in price in different travel countries compared to Germany.

Turkey is proving to be particularly cheap this summer. Here, Germans receive almost three times as many goods and services. In concrete terms: For one euro you get everyday goods that would cost an average of 2.71 euros in Germany.

You also get significantly more for your money in Poland (1.75 euros) and a holiday in Hungary also has a noticeably positive effect on your wallet (1.67 euros). Shopping in the Baltic states of Lithuania and Latvia is quite cheap (1.39 and 1.31 euros). You also get more for your money in Greece, the Czech Republic and Portugal (1.20 euros).

You hardly notice any difference when you go shopping in France (1.08 euros), Italy (0.98 euros) or Spain (1.09 euros). The three popular holiday countries are all at a similar price level to Germany.

The most expensive EU holiday country from the point of view of German citizens is almost traditionally Switzerland: Here holidaymakers only get the equivalent of 0.64 euros in goods for one euro from the holiday fund. In Denmark (0.78 euros) and Norway (0.71 euros) visits to restaurants and hotel accommodation are noticeably more expensive than in Germany.