Sint-Truiden, belgium, is The cry from the Right (17) and Enrique (16), Koopmans is on Facebook cuts off at Sint-Truiden, belgium to the marrow. Their father, 46-year-old Christopher Koopman, all the weeks in an artificial coma, hovering between life and death. In brussels, the solidarity and the mischievous Race, ” the White Koopmans, growing larger and larger. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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it’s in Sint-Truiden, with its 40,000 inhabitants, is the heaviest coronaklappen of the country, it is becoming known. Sunday had been published in 250 infections and 41 deaths. In fact, one in 160 Truienaren it is so contagious, and to know that the number of actual infections are much higher. Slowly it will get to the numbers, the statistics have a face. After the first blows in the rhythm of the dodentrom scratching the Truienaren slowly back up again. They have the rights to their back, and seek support from each other. The solidarity of the Canaries, it is big, very big. Comforting words for those who have the virus to someone has been lost. But a lot of support to the families of those who are still in their lives, and fight as a Race. Michel, Bob, Cc raised their White Sunday is a heart under the belt, when the helicopter is on The Tour at the Corona overvloog. In the silos of their company, have confirmed they will be in big, white letters, Komoan the White’, referring to the nickname of the Race.