Anders Dreyer is very honest when it comes to the change he undertook in the summer of 2018.

It would have paved the way for an international breakthrough never came really in time for the 21-year-old Danish talent.

“I was afraid it just isn’t good enough, and that I am fully aware of,” says FC Midtjylland profile for B. T.

The young jute hit the big win, when after a splendid season for Esbjerg with both topscorertitel and promotion to the best League in the luggage were sold to Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion. It was a boyhood dream that came true.

Here awaited a hefty salary, a new car and a nice apartment, while the conditions at the club’s training facility at the same time was impeccable. Life in the English was just that, like most young footballers dream of.

There was just one problem.

the Battle for seats on the holdkortet were tough, and the prospect of playing time was not just something that was on page one on the football menu.

“I very well knew, that it would be difficult. There are so many talented players in so large a club, but I was just ready to test myself to see where I stood purely niveaumæssigt,” says Anders Dreyer on the decision, he should take a little over a year and a half ago.

He decided to move from the safe framework in Denmark for the hard fodboldmiljø in England, and to start with it was something of a culture shift, which hit the young dane:

“It was overwhelming to be a part of a Premier League club. There are so many talented players and people around the team, and when I saw træningsanlægget for the first time, I was just caught of the whole.”

the Contract in the south of England was four years, and the club’s plans with their new Danish stjernefrø was then that Anders Dreyer after one season on the reserveholdet should become a permanent part of Brighton & Hove Albion’s first team. But that was far from it.

“When I trained with the first team, it dawned on me that I was not good enough. The level is the tårnhøjt, and over there is to strike from day one, and I did not,” says the FCM profile.

Therefore decided his English employer, to the dane should be sent on lejeophold. First in the scottish St. Mirren and then in the Dutch Heerenveen. Hence Anders Dreyer on the English fodboldkultur as a hard environment to be a part of for young players:

“It is cynical. If not you are good enough, then download the just a new player.”

Signed never reached to get his debut in the Premier League, and the lack of indhop in it, he calls for the world’s best league, hitting him a bit as he gets the question.

“I think not, I got a chance in Brighton. They thought more of some other players, than they believed in me. However, I am not disappointed with the club, for I should myself have shown that I was good enough. I feel, however, I did what I could in relation to to show me,” he explains.

Fodboldskeptikere may think Anders Dreyer’s drømmeskifte came at a too early point in the young angribers relatively short career, but the criticism he gives is not much.

“It was the right thing to do at the time. I got an experience and tried myself, and it is delete, delete is not something I regret,” he says, and adds:

“I’m glad that I tried it. If I had stood the day and not taken the decision, so I might have regretted it. Now I know in each case what level I must reach in order to be good enough.”

instead of to fret over a stay, did not go, as the Danish talent had hoped, so he does not see the shift to home Denmark as a defeat. On the contrary.

“It is not a taboo for me to have come so quickly back home again. I tried for a year and a half to break through abroad, and I have given it a chance, I feel. It succeeded, just not for me in this place,” says Anders Dreyer on a study abroad, which has matured him both on and off the pitch:

“I think it is a better version of myself, who has come back to Denmark. I’ve probably got a slightly different attitude to things and learned that I must work even harder to achieve my goals.”

In spite of januarskiftet to FC Midtjylland and the ambition to win the championship, play european and do well personally on the Heath, have their stay in the uk not scared Anders Dreyer from the hope to be udlandsprofessionel later in his career.

“It is still a dream for me to come abroad again. This I do not hide. And it could well be a return to English football. My experience over there has not scared me away,” he concludes.