Easter is upon us, and it will usually mean a whole lot of danes on easter-shopping in the supermarkets, but as most of you probably know, has coronakrisen put a stop to the kind of.

Or has it?

Here at B. T. we have received several inquiries from readers who certainly not be able to notice coronakrisen, since they on Saturday in the grocery Store to shop.

“I was shocked by the scenario, I met in there. There was no control with how many people were in the store, or how close they stood.”

How does it sound from the Jette Lund from the Reputation, which was driven to the grocery Store in Sembawang to buy some new garden chairs.

She says that it was impossible for her to keep a distance of the recommended two metres, and that she several times was so close to the people, that they could have ‘breathed her in the neck,’ as she herself describes it.

“I was going to have to go past people with less than a meters distance to get into and out of the store. I kept almost weather the ten minutes I was in there,” she says.

Why she decided quickly that it was not Saturday, she was to have new garden furniture with the home. Those she buys on the net instead.

another reader, Mikael Nielsen, who on Saturday visited the grocery Store in Ishøj, about at 13, had the same experience.

“It reminded me of a day in the middle of the christmas shopping season. It was impossible to walk on the aisles between the goods without getting close to people,” he says, and continues:

“I must admit that when I went out, I thought, if I get the corona virus, so is it today.”

Other readers have also experienced a large number of traders in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Slagelse.

B. T. has presented Mark Nielsen, who is dirketør for the grocery Store, the criticism.

‘At easter, we have had guards in front of the shops, which has ensured that we comply with the maximum number of customers allowed to be in the stores. There should be 4 square metres for each customer according to the authorities. At the same time has ensured that all takes into account (by means of dedicated staff to it) and helps with spritte, for example, shopping trolleys,’ he writes in an email response.

He explains that you also have had a visit from the police in several of the Bilkas stores Saturday.

‘at the same time, the police have also visited several of our Bilka stores today to see if there were too many customers in the store. And all places can see for myself everything was in order,’ he writes.