In the Moscow zoo has died the alligator Mississippi Saturn, which supposedly belonged to Hitler, reported on the pages of zoo on social networks. It should be noted that the crocodile died at the age of 84 years, which is quite a lot for a representative of this species. Alligators typically live for 30-50 years.Crocodile of Saturn born in the United States in 1936, and later he was taken in the Berlin zoo, from which he escaped after the bombing in 1943. Where the crocodile was hiding three years – is unknown. The British found him in 1946 and handed over to the Soviet Union. So the legend settled in the Moscow zoo.

After the appearance of Saturn in the zoo was born the legend that he was in the personal collection of Hitler.

“However, even if theoretically he belonged to someone – they are not involved in war and politics, it is absurd to blame them for human sins,” — say the employees of the zoo.

The beast was very picky about food and remembered the entrusted keepers, loved massage brush, and that if he didn’t like, could bite through metal mitts for feed and concrete scenery. Saturn’s promise to perpetuate in the Darwin Museum/