The Swiss bank Credit Suisse has presented the new quarterly figures – and writes a net loss of 4.06 billion francs. That’s why the Swiss bank immediately presented new restructuring plans: the Saudi National Bank is to become a financially strong partner.

The crisis-ridden major Swiss bank Credit Suisse presented its eagerly awaited restructuring plans with the new quarterly figures on Thursday. For the third quarter, the bank presented a net loss of CHF 4.03 billion (EUR 4.06 billion). It was the fourth consecutive quarterly loss, and it was even larger than analysts had expected.

The ailing major Swiss bank Credit Suisse is bringing a financially strong partner on board with the Saudi National Bank. The bank will participate in the capital increase with CHF 1.5 billion (EUR 1.51 billion), the bank announced on Thursday. Credit Suisse announced the issue of new shares with a total volume of around four billion Swiss francs. That’s almost a third of the current market capitalization.

In addition, the Swiss bank, second largest after UBS, is aiming for billions in savings with the immediate reduction of five percent of jobs – 2,700 jobs – and a radical restructuring of the investment bank. The costs are expected to fall by around 15 percent to CHF 14.5 billion by 2025.

The bank has gone through difficult times with scandals, indictments and disastrous investments. Credit Suisse stock has fallen more than 75 percent since early 2018. In 2017, the bank, which currently has around 50,000 employees, still had a market value of CHF 45 billion; in October 2022 it was around CHF 10 billion. After losing billions in 2021, the bank was also in the red in the 1st and 2nd quarters of this year.

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