The French brand Lierac has modernized the design of its products and is launching the new Lift Intégral range, anti-aging skincare for women. There is the tensor serum, the firming day cream, the regenerating night cream and the Lift regard treatment. The day cream is very pleasant, it is applied in the morning on the face and neck, it hydrates as desired, and the smell remains discreet, which is very pleasant. Enriched with shea butter, this cream is light. We feel our skin a little smoother after application. The big news: the packaging is refillable, which is very practical and environmentally friendly.

The darling brand of the web, Paula’s Choice, has finally landed at Sephora. If the name means nothing to you, know that the Toronto Star did a glowing portrait to mark the occasion recently. We learn that the history of the brand dates back to the 1970s, when a certain Paula Begoun lost her job in a cosmetics company, for having been too frank and realistic in terms of expectations with her customers. Thus was born Paula’s Choice, which bet on the truth in terms of claims, research and results. We fell in love with its vitamin C serum (C15 Super Booster) which gives a real glow to the complexion, and especially for its eye contour cream (C5 Super Boost, still with vitamin C). After three weeks of use, our fragile eye contour actually seems smoother, less dull, and the bags are less swollen as a bonus (although our eyes are still dark circles, but for that, we know, no miracle!) .

A nice addition to our spring beauty kit are these Summer Fridays lip balms, of which we already love several products, including the aptly named Jet Lag mask, not to mention the mineral sunscreen or the moisturizing body lotion. The lip balms, based on shea butter and murumuru, are 100% vegan, deeply moisturize lips parched by the wind or the sun, while adding a subtle hint of sweet color. We love the new natural color “pink sugar” and especially its delicious fragrance, with its instant moisturizing effect and satin finish. Various colors are available including: Cherry, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, and Poppyseed.

Finding a face wash that isn’t too abrasive or greasy has always been a challenge for us; same goes for moisturizers. The brand new range of seven Byoma facial products, made in Korea, convinced us of its effectiveness from its first use. It’s combined that these products were able to show their full potential, either by using the cleanser, the mist, the serum and the moisturizer – although the result obtained was in itself quite convincing if one prefers to skip two of these steps and go directly from cleaning to applying the cream. We fell in love with the freshness effect obtained thanks to the addition of green tea, which was able to confer lightness and shine on the skin, and gentle ingredients which act gently on sensitive skin.