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The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
Fortunately, not all artists as Alexander Vasilev from "the spleen" and Andrei Makarevich, varies now in philosophizing and the autopsy ulcers time, as they say, "do not rash me salt on the wound". Friday morning, the rapper Basta and pop singer Ricky invited the fans to dance to their new song #POPRIKOLU, in addition made application for the competition "Tarantinomania 2020", which started the band Little Big instead of the canceled "Eurovision".
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
Prominent figures of Russian culture appealed to the international community, to the leadership of UNESCO with a proposal to hold in June, the international cultural marathon in support of the foundations of the world community and its fundamental values
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?

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