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The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
Fortunately, not all artists as Alexander Vasilev from "the spleen" and Andrei Makarevich, varies now in philosophizing and the autopsy ulcers time, as they say, "do not rash me salt on the wound". Friday morning, the rapper Basta and pop singer Ricky invited the fans to dance to their new song #POPRIKOLU, in addition made application for the competition "Tarantinomania 2020", which started the band Little Big instead of the canceled "Eurovision".
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
Prominent figures of Russian culture appealed to the international community, to the leadership of UNESCO with a proposal to hold in June, the international cultural marathon in support of the foundations of the world community and its fundamental values
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
The Helicon, favorite theater Muscovites, located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the old mansion of Princess Shakhovskaya, today marks 30 years. The age of maturity, drive, energy, creativity and the young full-blooded love.Helikon people a few months preparing for this date, wanted to invite friends and fans to Opera night - with intrigue, surprises, fireworks of talents. But... the Meanest coronavirus decided to wipe out Opera plans, dispersed conductors, musicians, singers, fitters, of props, of the Stuarts, the drawers - Yes, home. And gleefully rubbing his hands, rejoiced in his treachery.
He died on 70-m to year of life after long illness
The struggle for survival of the theatre as the most living of all arts, gives birth to new forms. And broadcasts online already has its first competitor - the Theatre on the phone. Is the name of the project, conceived in the Union of theatrical figures. The first premiere will take place on the phone in test mode on April 12.
The constitutional court approved amendments to the Constitution, its counterpart a number of political, social and cultural norms. About why Russian education needs a new legislative regulation, "RG" said Nikolai Tsiskaridze
International cultural project "Russian seasons" continues to delight audiences the best performances. Third week theatrical online marathon Stay home with Russian Seasons will be devoted to the most striking events of the "Russian seasons" in Italy and Germany
Today, April 4, at 20:00 on the platform Stay home with Russian Seasons starts recording of the play "Cinderella" at the Mariinsky theatre. Viewing will only be available for 24 hours. The main roles performed by Diana Vishneva, Vladimir Shklyarov and Ekaterina Kondaurova. Conductor: Valery Gergiev
Museums, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and libraries these days are closed to visitors. But they opened their virtual doors to everyone and every day delight with new premieres, exhibitions and concerts. "WP" will help you to choose the most interesting
The winners of the leading Russian Opera prize Casta Diva was announced on the Day of the theatre for the first time celebrated with closed doors of theatres around the world. The jury summed up the results of the Opera in 2019 and called it the main event
Unprecedented force majeure due to coronavirus coincided with the upcoming April 30-year anniversary of "Helikon-Opera". About what is happening now in the theater, told the Explorer, "RG" Director of "Helikon-Opera" Dmitry Bertman
Cultural institutions, including theatres, museums and libraries closed for quarantine. However, many of them invited the public to attend performances at the Network, read electronic copies of unique books and even go on a virtual tour
Life museums, festivals, cinemas tried to pull us out of the house, to prove that life exists outside the computer. Due to coronavirus and quarantine now everything is turned on its head - and cultural institutions invite the Russians back to sit behind the laptop
Five years ago in London there was the first Russian theater "the Chameleon". Now in his repertory for 9 performances. A few days prior to the closure of the Deputy editor-in-chief Jadwiga Uvarovoy was able to visit the theatre and talk to its founder Possess Lemeshevskii
The situation with coronavirus strongly hit theaters. About how to live if the audience shumoizolyatsiya, and as performers rehearse for remote access, "RG" said Maria Revyakina, Alexander Novikov and Kirill KROK
For the first time in its history, Aleksandrinsky theatre the premiere was played without spectators in the hall. The performance "revolver" based on the play by Heiner Muller from the fourth tier of the theatre looked only favorites, the rest of the audience was able to appreciate the new work of Theodoros of Terzopoulos online
The correspondent of the site Вести.Ru reminds of long-forgotten fun and tells about the new capabilities of survival in conditions of forced isolation in a pandemic coronavirus.
Federal museums, theatres and concert halls have to offer the audience an interactive event available on the respective Internet sites. The corresponding instruction was given by the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova
All controlled by the Ministry of culture of the institution needs to put the visitors under one condition - the presence of a medical mask. These measures against the coronavirus will not only affect museums and exhibition halls, but theaters, circuses, cinemas
Opera soloists, chorus and Bolshoi theatre orchestra out on tour in Toulouse and Paris. Due to the coronavirus to cancel the trip did not, but had to adjust the poster, said "RG" Director of the theatre Vladimir urin
The Moscow theatre of the musical presented a bright premiere: the performance of "Primetime" on a television backstage. A Broadway scale show in the setting, attended the North American specialists in harmony with domestic realities
The Buryat Opera and ballet theatre first came among the nominees of the National theatrical award and immediately drew the attention of the production of "the Talisman". Choreographer Alexander Mishutin boldly redrew the libretto and complicated dance part
Anastasia Stotskaya in the beginning of the century appeared in the Russian show business and made several hits, but a career still chose theatre and musicals. The reason for this decision, the actress and singer said in an interview with "RG"
In the Moscow art theatre. Premiere of Chekhov's "the Seagull." The fifth in the entire history of the Art theatre, it was perhaps the most radical reading of the play, is considered a symbol of Russian theater. However, the staging was by the alien by the Lithuanian Director Oskaras koršunovas, and the name of Chekhov's works in conjunction with his name, you can safely label it as #canecorso. Here's a advanced version.
Biography Rena Jalovecky, art critic, writer and artist, able to impress anyone! When you look at her drawings, feel the genuine delight of the children. When you know that the first time she took up the brush after 80, admire and like respect. When you read her poems, emotionally transported to Yves carefree childhood. And having met her personally, immediately fall under the charm and get her incredible energy and optimism. Rena made no secret of his venerable age and thus dashing to cope with modern realities: the Internet "you", leads the social network, ironically about himself, admires contemporary youth and builds Napoleonic plans. "MK" tried to figure out what's the secret of eternal youth and creative excitement Rena Jalovecky.
President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding a number of artists of the state awards for merits in development of culture and many years of fruitful activity
The main Director of Theatre on Vasilevsky Vladimir Tumanov died in St. Petersburg on 67-m to year of life
Disneyland in Tokyo and the adjoining water theme Park Tokyo DisneySea will be closed from February 29 until March 15 due to the threat of the spread of a new type of coronavirus
Last Tuesday, the artistic Director of the Theatre of Nations has proclaimed the Manifesto of life in motion. Especially for this Anatoly Bely, Irina Pegova, Julia Peresild, Mikhail Evlanov and, of course, Yevgeny Mironov told the audience, among whom were many children with disabilities, about the fate of the greatest people in the world: astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, a military pilot Alexei Maresyev, artist Frida Kahlo and motivational speaker nick Vujcic.
A few months before the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, the art Director of "School of modern play" Joseph Raihelgauz, invited the audience to his home. Moreover, all seated at the dinner table and was introduced to... mom. Mom fed 80 people a signature soup and told the guests the story of his difficult life. "Faina. Echelon" is a stage a memory women who had seen and survived more than a tragedy of war. But much more important is a personal experience of the Director about her mother, incarnate in the scenery of his daughter Maria Tregubova and played favorite actress Elena Sanaevoj.
The theater and film actress Kristina Asmus posted in Instagram post, in which he spoke about his new role in feature film "Bread"
In a Large landmark event. The main theater of the country opens its first branch. In Kaliningrad, on the construction site of the island the October General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin and the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov tomorrow, February 25, will carry out the laying of the first stone in the Foundation is still a virtual theatre building, which in three years (renting the theater building is scheduled for December 2023) must be real.
In Kazan in the Tatar theater of Opera and ballet. Jalil has completed the international Opera festival. Chaliapin, who for the first time in many years passed without the final gala concert "world Opera stars" and premiere performances, restricting only concert performance of "La Boheme" Puccini
It will be a fairy tale from adult children for adults and children
New "love Story of Romeo and Juliet... not Shakespeare" will be presented by a young team of choreographers and performers
Starring Dmitry Dyuzhev, Nikita Presnyakov, Teona Dolnikova, Igor jijikin, Yuri Melnikov, and Igor mirkurbanov

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