In April in Russia from the coronavirus, according to the government, has died at least 1.7 million people — but the overall mortality rate in the country below last year’s figure. However, even in 1 thousand cases, authorities are awaiting confirmation of cause of death on the fact of the autopsy. To estimate the number of deaths in the regions is impossible — Rosstat has postponed the publication of these data until mid-June.In April 2020 in Russia from the coronavirus died 1675 people. This was reported yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She explained, in 1136 cases the impact of the virus in the patient’s death is overwhelming. Other cases are the death of patients who had the clinical picture of the disease, but negative test results for coronavirus. He also said that the number of such cases is inconclusive, as this combination of signs the final cause of death can only set post-mortem autopsy, for which data from all regions has not yet arrived. In addition, a separate group consisted of those who died, being infected with coronavirus, but from another disease. It is still 1038 cases. “In the process of postmortem autopsies, we will see that the main cause of death, and, of course, when will publish the official data will be able to answer the question, how many here davidnyc deaths, and how many of those to whom kovid had no relations”,— said Deputy Prime Minister.Thus, according to the government, which he provided to Rosstat, the overall mortality among the population of the Russian Federation in January—April 2020 declined by 19.5 thousand persons compared to the comparable period last year, including 6.7 million in April. Tatyana Golikova, however, clarified that these data are not final and are subject to change for the worse. From 25 March to 11 may in some regions of the country, the Registrar’s office worked in connection with the declared non-working days and did not enter data into the unified state register of records of acts of civil status.For this reason, while there is no data about deaths from coronavirus by regions of the country. As explained in the Rosstat, when in most regions in April, were introduced restrictive measures, many people chose to postpone the registration of births and deaths. Data on natural movement of population in April 2020 will be published on 15 June. The following two publications with data for may and June — will also be shifted. “By September we expect to return to a regular schedule of publications,”— said in the message Department. As a result while at the regional level, data are presented only in Moscow. However, since most of the deaths in the country were noted in the capital (see “Kommersant” on 29 may), it is unlikely that the information from the regions will be able to significantly change the datas of mortality COVID-19.Anastasia Manuylova