Reese Witherspoon

2020-th year will be long remembered by all mankind because of the pandemic coronavirus and introduced worldwide quarantine. Although now most countries in the world have already abolished a number of restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus, people still remember how they passed their lives in conditions of self-isolation.

the other day a bit of a joke on this subject decided Reese Witherspoon. It launched its new instagram challenge under the hashtag #2020, essence of which is to show how varied the General mood of the population in a pandemic. Reese has published a collage, which included images from the most famous films with her participation: from the iconic “Blonde in chocolate” to “Wild”.

Every screenshot to reflect the emotion that Witherspoon was going through for the last eight months. It all starts with a cloudless frame illustrating the January, when the coronavirus has not yet reached the rest of the world, and ends with September.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon Humor is appreciated by many of her star friends and colleagues. They began to publish in their accounts similar collages. As a result, challenge has joined Jennifer garner, Cara Delevingne, Markle Ruffalo, Kerry Washington and many others. It is interesting that Kate beckinsale not only herself joined a new Internet-flash mob, but also created a fun photo collage, whose main character was her beloved cat.

SPLETNIK.RU offers you to be inspired by the meme of stars and create your own funny photo collage illustrating how passed you the first half rich in surprises 2020.

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