Ill-wishers of Russia in the EU operate on the principle of “virus virus, but the information war is on schedule.” They continue to “hybrid war”, despite the pandemic. Especially notable was the structure responsible for the fight against misinformation. They make fakes of Russia. So says Senator Konstantin Kosachev, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier, the official speaker of the European Commission for foreign Affairs Peter Stano said in an interview that the Russian media are spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation in the EU, which could adversely affect the system of European health.

Kosachev noted that Peter Stano not only acts on behalf of Brussels on foreign policy topics, but is EastStratcom Task Forse service, established by the EU to combat misinformation. Therefore, it is extremely interested in the fact that on the background of the fight against virus’s not forget the “hybrid war” with Russia, and the financing of its structure.

However, no concrete examples of “Russian disinformation” Stano does not. Apparently it troubling that in countries such as Italy and Spain, where the epidemiological situation is especially bad, RT is among the ten major sources of coronavirus.

“people are starting to look for media, mainstream alternative checked. And from the point of view of Brussels, opinions, alternative "right only" (i.e. Brussels), and "disinformation”, – said Kosachev.

The expert noted that the EU allows the Western media to push a conspiracy theory against China and Russia and does not see anything wrong. But should someone mention the other conspiracy theory that draws on the black side of the West itself, they immediately outlawed and considered misinformation.

“In our upside down world it is not surprising that the main character, a disinformation advocate structures and policies, declaring themselves to be fighting against misinformation. And in fact, dissent. "Sovietization" the European Union continues, despite the pandemic. "go right way, comrades!”, concluded Kosachev.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that responded to the provocative statement by Peter Stano and in the state Duma.

Member of the Committee on information policy Evgeny Revenko said that the European Commission should first deal with the stream of lies and misinformation that is published in Western media about the situation with coronavirus in Russia.

“I would advise Peter Stano to pay attention to the publication in the Financial Times and the New York Times, which wrongly claimed that mortality statistics in Russia is greatly underestimated,” said Revenko.

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