They are already accustomed to Russophobia Poroshenko, and the harder it hurts the soul of the Ukrainian optimists Zelensky, presented a certain contrast to the predecessor, and now copying him in everything. Even the date of signing of the decree on sanctions against the Hermitage there is a symbolism and continuity: exactly five years ago – may 15 – Poroshenko signed a law on de-communization. And now former voters ask the former star of KVN question in the workout – “why “team se” not made in the sanctions list of the Cabinet of curiosities?”. And answer: “Maybe they believe are of interest from the point of view of anthropological anomalies”. “Wait, he’s still “Tomos” of the wide leg will get” – calm pessimists optimists in social networks, pointing out how Poroshenko praised Zelensky for these decrees in his Facebook.

the team Zelensky on the trick questions do not answer, deferring the explanation of the society to the big press conference, the anniversary of the inauguration. But the anonymous telegram-channels associated with the presidential office, seriously share “insider info” that the extension locks and sanctions against museums is the only method of pressure on Russia, Ukrainian unique tactics in the struggle “for the Crimea and Donbass”. Supposedly Zelensky and his associates firmly believe that Russia is the pandemic weakened as never before, and therefore will soon satisfy all the explicit and hidden their desire for a wide range of issues, you only need to push. They – the collective Zelensky – already looking forward to dozens of lawsuits in international courts against the Russian scientists and Museum professionals.

By the way, a United Europe, they also considered weak, so through the Vice-Premier for European integration Pristayko invited to Brussels to reassess the Association agreement, suddenly recognized by Kiev “discriminatory” in terms of trade quotas and beyond.

However, any arguments about the presence Zelensky let the criminal and insane, but their own tactics make sense, if you consider his own thinking and the absolute figure. But this is not observed in sight: Zelensky expression reads clearly written not by him the texts, he is independent in its personnel and economic decisions – this is followed by the U.S. Embassy and the IMF, respectively, and gave at the mercy of “coronatum” and nationalists, to whom openly fawns, humanitarian policy.

So it makes no sense to wonder who made up and slipped the list Zelensky: presidential adviser on ideology and clinical Russophobe Nikita Poturaev, former PR Manager Poroshenko and Deputy head of the presidential office Kirill Timoshenko or someone from the experts of the Ukrainian security Council and the foreign Ministry, five years, selected on the basis of hatred towards Russia. It is only important that Zelensky will likely not delving into the text under this signed, and the policy of the state of Russophobia if it is not ended, but has found a second wind.

an Extra symptom of that is the intensification of the public sphere loony Nazi Iryna Farion. Yesterday, this “fury of Maidan” demanded to ban the sale of the Ukraine baby food with the names “Mommy” and “Agusha”, because the contents of the jar with obvious Russian names to Ukrainian babies falls and “Russian world”. The next stage of the struggle for the “Ukrainian world” may well be the removal from public and home libraries of all the books in the Russian language, with subsequent burning, for example those with whom Zelensky actively “peace” on 8 may. The struggle today is actually headed, and cannot end differently, because the culture war leads to war between humans, and from the fires from books lit ovens of the crematoria.

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