Quarantine of coronavirus has not stopped wanting to participate in the restoration of the Russian stock market. For the second straight month the operating companies record flows into mutual funds (mutual Funds). Dominant by attracting steel remote channels, which allow customers with just a few clicks to become the owner of the interesting financial product.Client distancelineline the Russian stock market increased the demand of private investors to the mutual Funds. In April, according to Investfunds, the net inflow in retail funds exceeded RUB 8 billion In the first three weeks of may, private investors have invested in mutual Funds more than 5 billion rubles “For many clients the investment is not just a way of making savings and generating additional income, but a meaningful process of self-isolation,”— said General Director of “Alfa-Capital” Irina Krivosheeva.However, the significantly changed role in attracting various sales channels. According to “Alfa Capital”, in may via remote channels received 80% of investments in open mutual Funds. In “Sberbank asset Management” since the beginning of may through online channels has received about 85% of the borrowings.Way in several clickitalia the ability to sell mutual Funds online new customers came to management companies in 2014 after making to the legislation amendments, allowing to simplify the customer identification. Over the years, remote sales channel via personal Cabinet launched most of the larger management companies, some of them launched and mobile apps.To become a client of the management company on its website or by downloading the mobile app. To identify’ll need to specify the passport data and contact information (phone number and email address). After that, the company will check the data entered in the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV), which may take several minutes. The more quickly the identification is carried out through the government services website, after login which will require authorisation of the management company to the personal data of the customers. After these procedures, will mail a contract for the provision of asset management services, and telephone code, which is used for signing documents.As a client of the management company, the investor is through a personal account or a mobile app can see your portfolio and carry with them any transactions (to purchase and redeem shares, to exchange shares in the funds). To pay for the purchase of shares by credit card or by Bank transfer in case of mobile application, you can use the service Pay Apple/Google Pay.Choice riscaldato before investing, managers are advised to deal with SVJimi purposes. If you want to minimize risk and to obtain higher income rate on deposits, you should consider bond funds. According to InvestFunds, such mutual Funds showed an increase of unit value for the year at 8-20% (even with the market decline in March), for three years — by 20-50%. If you want to get higher income, then you can invest in the Fund in the portfolio which is presented and bonds, and stocks. In these funds, managers can create a diversified portfolio, regularly increasing the proportion of some securities and reducing the share of others. Income for the year from these funds amounted to 8-30%, for the three years 25-60%.”If you want to get maximum profit and there is a willingness to ensure that the volume of investments may fluctuate and even decline in some period, it is possible to add stock funds. The greater the willingness to take risks, the greater can be the share of stock. But by all means invest in a single Fund wrong,”— said the head of the sales Department of a management company Andrey Makarov. According to InvestFunds income stock funds for the year amounted to 7-30%, almost not differing from the results of the mixed investment funds. After three years, their income was 40-85%, which is significantly higher than the less risky funds.Vitaly Gaydayev