On the platform Apple TV+ show ended the eight-serial crime drama Morten Tyldum “Defending Jacob” — the film adaptation of the novel by William Landay with a stellar cast. Watched Julia Siegelman.Barbera — reference American family from a rich white suburb. Andy Barber (Chris Evans, again brilliantly proving that his acting capabilities are not limited to the ability to look good in tights), a brilliant lawyer, a Deputy district attorney, who appreciates the bosses and respected colleagues, even some of them, as second Vice Neil Logiadis (Pablo Schreiber), quite frankly jealous. His wife Lori (Michelle Dockery) not just beautiful and smart, who studied art history, she is also involved in charitable work in centre for children victims of violence. Fourteen-year-old son Barber Jacob (Jaden Martell) does well, go to bed on time, turns off computer toy when asked, and the only manifestations of teenage non-conformism with him a love for not quite decent jokes and disagreements with the teacher of literature in the interpretation of “the catcher in the rye.”However, the audience acquainted with the boy’s father, Andy, when he appeared as a witness at the meeting of the Grand jury (interrogating him that Lagoudis), and it becomes immediately clear what is shown in a long flashback picture — like advertising insurance expensive real estate in the past. Family Barber was something that she ceased to be perfect, and may even have ceased to be a family.In the ten months prior to the interview, which is used in the series framing the narrative frame, in a Park near the home of Barbera and find a dead body with a knife on Ben Rifkin, with whom Jacob went to the same school. The investigation entrusted Andy, and, despite the emotions that are understandable to any parent, faced with the cruel death of the child, he takes it with his usual professionalism. Until on the hoodie victims are not detected by the fingerprint Jacob, in his room — hidden knife, and in social networks — comments classmates: “Everyone knows what you did”. Senior Barber goes on vacation, the younger was arrested and put on trial, under the laws of Massachusetts for the murder he has to answer like an adult. But each episode until the final — full painful uncertainty whether Jacob was guilty or was it a terrible mistake? And most importantly, what parents suddenly discovered that their favorite son isn’t the way they thought they were?”Defending Jacob” is exemplary, as the family Barber to the disaster, an example of “prestige television”, which has bet the Apple, starting in November 2019, its own streaming service. ButR Morten Tyldum in 2015, was nominated for “Oscar” for the film “the imitation Game” screenwriter mark Bomback, that is, strong professional (although this work can be called the best in his filmography), cinematographer Jonathan Freeman filming “boardwalk Empire” and “Game of thrones”, the composer Atli Orvarsson, plain-hand on a TV procedural COP shows, here brings somber mood of Scandinavian Noir. In the caste entirely familiar faces: in addition to these it is worth noting cherry Jones, who plays a lawyer for Jacob, and John. K. Simmons, who appears in the fourth series and from that moment dominates every frame with his participation.The genre is too “prestigious” for detective wrapper hides a family drama. Although the authors successfully injected voltage and do not forget about the unexpected twists in a small new England town becomes a pretext to explore the nature of evil. Whether it is mortgaged to the person initially, the question of whether it is a free choice? To what extent can extend devotion to family and what are the conditions in which unconditional love will cease to exist?To the credit of the creators, they are not even trying to pretend that they know the answer. Having brought the viewer along with the characters to the final line, they leave it with the perhaps the most important and is also intractable — question: whether it is possible to truly know someone you love and truly love someone you know only too well?