In chess, the most peaceful, truly massive and such an ancient game, too, found signs of racism.

Where from? Why imagined? Yes, because in chess the white always moves first.

the Sydney branch of the Australian broadcasting Corporation denounced the chess “racist sport”. Found argument. If the white pieces always moves first, and then have an advantage over black. That is, it is “an allegory of racial violence.” But if you think far from the only game the Australians fell into the deepest extreme, you are mistaken. On the Internet for quite some time the joint goes tweet world champion Magnus Carlsen and the former our compatriot-St Petersburg, now the Dutchman Anish Giri, a member of the match contenders-2020. They tried to draw attention to the issue of the first white move in the framework of the International day of United Nations on the elimination of racial discrimination. Highly took! It is proposed to break the rules, start with black’s move. For what? And “that through chess we are able to give a new perspective to the global debate on how to build a world with equal opportunities”.

But because everything is drawn just behind the ears. Why feel guilty, if guilt-no there was not.

to Comment on the situation to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” asked the 12-th world chess champion Anatoly Karpov:

– Started a full period of insanity. Well, what does chess with a long glorious history?

However, at other times chess came to Europe from the East, has lost popularity. At king’s cross. And some of the inhabitants of distant countries looked at the tall figure with a cross with some suspicion. What to say about the white and black pieces? We should ban the color black not only in chess, but in General. Nonsense.

From the Museum of Asia in San Francisco are going to make a bust of the former President of the IOC Avery Brandage, who headed the organization from 1952 to 1972. Longer American the presidency of the IOC was only the founder of the modern Olympic games, French Baron Pierre de Coubertin and the Spaniard Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Actually American millionaire Brandegee can be considered the ancestor of the Museum of Asia. Frantic collector gave to the temple of the arts about 7 thousand exhibits from the personal, who wanted all his life, the richest collection. This is almost half of the total exhibited in the Museum.

today, 45 years later after the death of Brandegee solved: his bust is not worthy to decorate the entrance to the rich, by his efforts and opened a Museum. The reason is the same: the old Avery suspected not even racism, but dislikes blacks. There is no evidence, there are some hints, suspicions.